Zoe Waldron

The Power Of Pinterest Influencers

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Zoe Waldron. I work at Hello Society, a Pinterest marketing and tech firm in Santa Monica, California. Thanks for joining me. Today, I’m going to be talking about the power of Pinterest influencers. Hello Society is most well-known for Hello Partners, an exclusive network of the top 250 plus Pinterest influencers from all over the world.

On average, they have 2.1 million followers. Some are mommy bloggers. Some are top chefs. Some are creative directors at I [00:33] [phonetic] agencies. The list goes on. With Pinterest being the third most popular social media network now, it’s definitely changing the way people shop. Today, I’m going to be going over how Hello Society is making that happen. So, let’s jump right into it.

If you would like to ask questions during the presentation, please find us on Twitter at @hello_society and send us a question with a hashtag outreach marketing. As I mentioned, I’m Zoe with Hello Society. I’m the social media manager. Hello Society is a Pinterest marketing and tech firm located in Santa Monica, California.

Hello Partners is an exclusive network consisting of more than 300 pinners. Their followings range from 250,000 to more than 10 million. Their web presence extends from popular blogs to highly followed accounts on sites like Twitter and Instagram too. So when brands reach out to us, they get more than just the Pinterest followers. A lot of them have amazing Twitter and Instagram followings as well.

On average Hello Society Pinterest influencers have 2.1 million followers. Combined, this influential group of Pinterest tastemakers represent more than 25 countries. They hold influence in over 15 verticals and have an engaged audience of more than 35 million. In other words, we have the most powerful collective voice on Pinterest.

First of all, why did Hello Society decide to focus on Pinterest specifically? Pinterest now has over 70 million users. It’s been around a little over three years. It has built this huge network. Drawing in 30 million unique visitors on a monthly basis, Pinterest is now the third most popular social media network in America.

Pinterest is really changing the way people shop online. Pinterest gets about 2.5 billion unique page views per month—a number expected to grow by 400 percent over the next three years. According to a fall 2012 study, users coming from Pinterest spend double the amount per order than those from Twitter or Facebook. Pinterest is now the third most popular network, being neck and neck with Twitter. It sends more traffic than Twitter, Yahoo, Google Plus or LinkedIn.

Sixty-nine percent of Pinterest visitors have found an item they’ve purchased or wanted to purchase on Pinterest, compared with 40 percent on Facebook. Pinterest has climbed the ranks to become the 16th most popular site in American and is rapidly expanding into international markets. Forty-five percent of new-user registrations on Pinterest in June 2013 came from outside of the use. Pinterest grabs 41 percent of ecommerce, sharing activity with Facebook, trailing in at 37 percent, indicating that users are comfortable sharing their wants on Pinterest, which is something larger networks have yet to figure out.

There’s also no real expiration date on pins. Fossils, twinkies and pins, all these things are in common because they last a long time. Pins have the potential to drive traffic for several months longer than tweets or Facebook posts. Also, pins are really dominating the mobile space, as well as iPads and other tablets.

The average Pinterest user clocks in at least 80 minutes of time on the site per month. Twenty-eight point one percent of users rake in a respectable six-figure annual income. The primary user is between 25 and 34 years old.

Enough about some general statistics about Pinterest. Moving on to Hello Society, what does Hello Society really do? We act as a gateway between brands and Pinterest users, with Pinterest influencers as our key ingredient. Brands come to us and mention that they want to get their content out on Pinterest but push out in an organic way.

By reaching out to Pinterest influencers in our network and mentioning that brands are interested in working with them, we can get a mutual agreement between the two. Both parties are happy. We can track everything. I’ve seen some really great results. We also know how to optimize those pins in that engagement to make sure they’re getting the best ROI possible.

How do we seed that content? We work to form strategic relationships between brands and pinners based on personal aesthetic and influence in categories. Some of the influencers are experts in fashion. Some are designers. Some do beauty blogs. It’s really across the board. We also have a lot of food pinners. We can also target audience demographics.

Some of our Pinterest influencers are also experts with high reputations in their field, like professional blogs. They’re a professional chef. They’re a creative director at an ad agency. A lot of our pinners are definitely successful in more ways than one.

Let’s compare. A typical Pinterest influencer with low society versus the average pinner on Pinterest. The average pinner on Pinterest gets about 4.2 re-pins per pin. The average Hello Society network Pinterest influencer gets 140 re-pins. That’s 33 times more than average. The average pinner gets about 1.1 likes per pin. The average Hello Society pinner gets about 40. That’s 36 times more than average.

The average Pinterest user has 229 followers. The average Hello Society Pinterest influencer has 2.1 million followers. That’s over 9,000 times more than average. As you can see, Pinterest influencers have really solid followings, as well as the results to back that up.

Hello Society has these 250 top influential people in our network. We ended up tracking a one-month period with our network, and we realized that they have generated the following:  About 223,000 pins from 23,000 websites, generating 17 million re-pins from campaigns and 7 million likes. That’s huge.

We’ve worked with 500 plus top brands going across accessories, fashion, car companies, online subscription services, furniture brands and shoe companies. We’ve worked with food brands as well. Let’s move onto some case studies around our influencers.

One of our top Pinterest influencers is Elise Joseph. She is the creator of Pennyweight. The Pennyweight blog reviews goods, products, fashion and a lot more. She has over 1.3 million Pinterest followers. She has 29 boards and over 24,000 pins. She has a really amazing sense of style. Her followers definitely love her taste.

Elise is a writer, stylist and vintage shop owner living in Nashville, as well as LA. She is the founder of Pennyweightblog.com. She has over 1.3 million Pinterest followers. She has over 33,900 Instagram followers, as well as over 4,000 Twitter followers.

One of her latest content creation examples is that she worked Gap. She was given exclusive Gap pieces from an upcoming collection and took some photos, blogged, wrote about them and really gave them a story. She’s worked with Sephora with their new nail line, as well Madewell. She made an amazing video as well. You can see it’s more than just pinning. You can also offer the blog, the experience, the expertise and amazing following to back that.

Pennyweight is curator and connoisseur of all things fashion. She’s a blogger and stylist, specializing in clean, sheik, simple looks and designs. Her blog has over 100,000 visitors. Moving on to go more into that Gap style by a content creation campaign, Gap came to us to leverage our influencers for their new campaign style buy [08:40] [phonetic]

We ended up narrowing it down to seven top influencers creating strategic and complimentary editorial content. We felt like Pennyweight really represented the Gap theme and style. Her content definitely matched their brand ways [08:55] [phonetic] The custom content and sophisticated looks were featured on Gap’s style buy [08:59] [phonetic] blog, which ended up really bringing the campaign full circle from everywhere.

She also created a dedicated board, which really is a group board where she creates a board specifically for a campaign with your own flair and taste mixed in with products and then invites Gap to the board. So it’s also featured on Gap’s Pinterest page as well. We track everything—all click-throughs, re-pins and likes. We make sure that their goals are being met. We are here to answer any questions to really be that helpful middleman.

When Pennyweight was paired up with Gap for their style buy [09:34] [phonetic] campaign, she decided to pin some cozy textures. She guest [09:38] [phonetic] curated her favorite Gap looks, accompanied by other pins that seemed to go with the Gap brand, as well as her own personal voice. As you can see, Pennyweight was able to incorporate Gap products with her sense of style and aesthetic in a great natural looking way. Her followers were really in tune to how Gap went well with her taste, as you can see with most of the re-pins being in the hundreds.

Moving onto Michael Wurm, Jr., he’s an amazing professional blogger with Inspired by Charm. Maybe some of you have heard of it. He’s a designer, blogger and Pinterest enthusiast. Michael is really amazing. We love working with him. He has an amazing blog where he writes about his latest design projects, favorite recipes, crafts and a lot more. He’s really inspired by vintage finds, bright colors, modern lines and amazing spaces.

He has over 3.4 million followers, over 12,000 Instagram followers and over 5,000 Twitter followers. Michael Wurm has over 3.4 million followers on Pinterest. He has 46 boards, as well as over 14,000 pins. Michael pins a variety of categories, including home decor, products he loves, foods he wants to make, DIYs in crafts, men’s fashion, photography, the holidays, gardening and a lot more, as well as a board dedicated to just his blog.

The recipes Michael has created for some of our food brand campaigns not only look amazing but also are presented in a very professional way. In this example, he was teamed up with Buick, who reached out to Hello Society to help promote their new Encore SUV. He’s amazing at content creation.

He also worked with Stampin Up to show how you can personalize gifts during the holidays, as well as Bolthouse Farms doing some amazing recipes for the holiday season on his blog. With this Buick tastemaker campaign, Buick contacted Hello Society to help promote the launch of their Encore. With their pin board to dashboard campaign, we ended reaching out to Michael, one of our top influencers, who was then flown to Detroit for a behind-the-scenes look at the Encore.

He was then asked to create a Pinterest board, visually sharing how he would style his Buick Encore, what he would do with it and where he would go. Michael won their influencer board competition. They had a few bloggers involved. He ended up joining them while unveiling the Encore at the New York Auto Show in spring 2013.

We tracked the entire campaign. It ended up getting over 48,000 re-pins, 25,000 likes and had over 1.3 million impressions. This just shows how you don’t have to be a traditional fashion brand to really make an impact on Pinterest. Car brands, as well as food and drinks—Sodastream ended up reaching out to us. We ended up teaming them up with our amazing pinner, I Heart Naptime, Jamie Lynn, as well as Michael again with Inspired by Charm.

Sodastream goals were met through some dedicated boards—group boards—where we pair up a Pinterest influencer with a company, as well as some custom content creation and blog posts. We had I Heart Naptime and Inspired by Charm, Jamie Lynn and Michael feature the exclusive Soda Stream content on their personal blogs, which had over 1.25 million monthly unique views.

Overall, the campaign ended up getting over 8,000 re-pins, over 1,000 likes and 136 comments. Obviously, pinners were really engaged. I Heart Naptime and Inspired by Charm didn’t let a bottle go to waste with these creative Soda Stream crafts. The images were also featured on the custom Sodastream and influencer blogs.

I hope you all enjoyed this. I wanted to just give you a taste of what we do. Our Pinterest influencers are amazing, extremely talented and really tapping into that huge Pinterest market of millions and millions of followers, making a huge impact on not just clothing but cars and food brands. The possibilities are limitless.

That’s all the time I have for today. If you have any further questions, definitely email us at info@hellosociety.com. Find us online at hellosociety.com. Tweet us any specific questions you have to @hello_society #outreach marketing. Thanks everyone so much for listening in. Have a great rest of your day.