How Moen Keeps Its Faucet Influencer Program “Flowing”

"GroupHigh has really helped us keep our influencer program strong. Without it, we would waste our time doing a lot of heavy manual work."
Moen's Digital Marketing Manager

Kelly Canfield
Digital Marketing Manager


Moen Incorporated, the number one faucet brand in North America, powers a strong influencer outreach program that they use to help tell the Moen product story. Kelly Canfield, Moen’s Digital Marketing Manager is in charge of influencer programs and content and she has built a strong blogger relationship program over the last few years.


  • Moen has built a network of bloggers who they invite to participate product reviews and large home remodeling projects on an ongoing basis


  • Their blogger program has enabled them to find influencers with strong reputations which has exposed Moen to new audiences they couldn’t otherwise reach.


  • One of the ways Moen has found success with blogger outreach is to work with influencers on an entire remodeling project in which they send the blogger a full product suite or collection to feature on their blog and social channels.


With an always-on and growing influencer program, Moen needed to find a smart and streamlined way to manage their growing influencer database.  From monitoring influencer engagement to requests to join their program, Moen needed a service that would keep them organized.


Moen’s social media strategy focuses on content and influencer programs; the company has a strong blogger relationship program which gives the company opportunities to showcase its full product suite or collections in real-world situations, which becomes featured content.


Since there is no seasonality to home remodeling projects or new home builds, the blogger outreach program is an ongoing endeavor so Moen’s needed a service that helps manage incoming and outgoing requests, keeps the database up-to-date and organized, identify new influencers and generate reports.


Since Moen needed a service to provide database organization, keep up with influencers’ contact information, house appropriate links and social media channels, and track performance metrics, GroupHigh was a perfect fit.


With GroupHigh, Moen can not only track and organize relationships with current influencers, but they also have been able to expand their program with new influencers.


With reporting and measurement functionality that pulls data from both blog posts and social performance, GroupHigh enables Moen to quickly and easily see the impact that one post makes across all the bloggers’ social media channels.


Plus, with GroupHigh’s recently launched Google Analytics integration, Moen is able to explore and identify which blogs and features are driving the most traffic back to its website and further dive deep into the data to see who the most impactful influencers are and which content is the top performing.


Working with GroupHigh and its platform, Moen has found the right influencers with strong reputations and networks, and exposed the brand to current and new audiences.