How Vega Defines & Measures Influencer Success

"Many PR and monitoring tools only provide high- level metrics...I love working with tools that allow for flexibility and the greatest breadth of coverage."

Trevor Ellestad
PR & Advocacy Supervisor


As Vega matured and plant-based nutrition became more popular, the company created a formal blogger program to build and nurture influencer relationships as a major marketing strategy. Today Vega’s influencer program includes a wide variety of bloggers, athletes, trainers, coaches, cooks, and lifestyle leaders who are passionate about plant-based nutrition and inspiring others through their online and offline conversations.


  • During the initial growth of the blogger program a quality, concise, personalized pitch was the key to it’s development.
  • Today Vega works with around 1500 select influencers and receives more than 3 new applications a day.

  • They define success by using a hybrid approach, combining accurate numbers and a qualitative sense of effect an influencer is having.


As Vega grew their blogger program from a few passionate athletes to creating a formal program; Trevor needed ways to easily pitch new influencers and keep his influencer database organized.

Trevor knew Measuring the ROI of Vega’s campaigns was the key to knowing the effect each influencer was having. But first those success metrics had to be defined and they needed way of capturing an analyzing the data.


GroupHigh functions as Vega’s influencer CRM that lets Trevor organize, segment, and group people for each project. Valuable built-in metrics including location information make it easy to stay on top of both digital and in-person engagement like fitness classes or sponsored events.

Trevor uses GroupHigh’s reporting and referral traffic, conversions, and goal completion data from integration with Google Analytics to analyze each campaign. He relies on the flexibility and  greatest breadth of coverage of GroupHigh’s engagement reporting functionality.

Pro-Tips from Vega

  • Build new blogger relationships in the same way that one might make new friends – relating on a personal level, sharing a funny anecdote, making a concerted effort to remember something specific about what is happening in their lives.


  • One campaign tactic that Trevor finds particularly valuable is to incorporate bloggers into the product development and re-formulation process. Getting product in people’s hands allows them to experience it for themselves and organically carry the message to an offline audience.


  • Using qualitative analysis acknowledges that some elements of Vega’s work with influencers can’t be fully captured by numbers. These are usually in the form of a story, influencer anecdotes or direct feedback and help understand the value of these campaigns.

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