Spicing Up Gourmet Garden’s Influencer Programs

"GroupHigh helped us increase our marketing budget and internally validated our efforts. We can grow our influencer network based on scarce resources, and still measure our impact."
Margaret Laport

Margaret Laport
North American Marketing Director

Gourmet Garden is a pioneer in fresh-packaged herbs and spices, and focuses on making fresh herbs and spices easy for weekday cooking. The company focuses on developing relationships with their bloggers on a personal level, really getting to know them and share stories about recipes and families.

Margaret Laport is the North American Marketing Director, handling all aspects from marketing to public relations, including the development of collateral, research and data and more.


  • Gourment Garden promotes their brand by working with influencers to create recipes and content that resonates with their consumers


  • Using blogger outreach and GroupHigh, Gourmet Garden has maintained a steady hum about their brand online


  • Reporting on their blogger outreach strategies has allowed Gourmet Garden’s marketing team to increase their budget



Garden Gourmet was looking for the right way to balance to its influencer program – the delicate balance between relationships and numbers. Working with all types of influencers, the company needed to quantify its efforts.

Gourment Garden works with a wide variety of influencers – influencers who are interested in cooking, interested in healthy eating, interested in non-GMO products – and works with them on initiatives that run throughout the calendar year. Such initiatives include Valentine’s Day cooking, Summer Grilling and more with the focus on creating a groundswell of enthusiasm for Gourmet Garden products.



Using GroupHigh, the company has been able to stay on top of who they are working with, and tracking how well their posts perform across a variety of platforms. With GroupHigh, Gourmet Garden is more more aware of trends and recipes that resonate with its consumers.

GroupHigh helped Gourmet Garden track its efforts and help make sure there is a steady share of voice and discussion for the brand with the key influencers. This share of voice – a steady hum – helped the company organically grow its consumer base and create passion for cooking, especially the importance of the flavor that herbs and spices add to home cooking.