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A case study of GroupHigh customer: M/C/C on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese’s brand has no problem evoking nostalgia for adults and excitement for children. However, they wanted to modernize their image with the promotion of programs that not many moms were aware of such as their gluten-free pizza and rewards calendars.

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In order to establish ongoing relationships and make the most out of their campaigns, Chuck E. Cheese’s enlisted the help of M/C/C, an integrated marketing agency, to help them further their image and promote their lesser known programs and food options.

Form New Relationships and Track Earned Media

M/C/C knew right away that mom bloggers were the perfect influencers with which to build continuous relationships for Chuck E Cheese’s. They began by engaging with mom bloggers the manual way, and after they heard Jay Baer’s recommendation of GroupHigh, they came on board.

GroupHigh Solved Three Problems in One Platform

Since blogger relations accounts for 40-50 percent of Chuck E. Cheese’s social media strategy, all elements of their campaign needed to maximize efficiency.

M/C/C used GroupHigh to find bloggers who were family focused. Public Relations Engagement Manager, Jennifer Reeves said “GroupHigh allows us to look at the volume of a particular blogger through page views, traffic, comments and post frequency as well as their social influence and levels of engagement on specific platforms.”

With GroupHigh’s tracking and organizational features, M/C/C is able to track their relationships with bloggers in the same platform that they search for bloggers.

M/C/C can use GroupHigh’s reporting components to easily report back to Chuck E. Cheese’s the results of all of their efforts and the value of their blogger outreach campaigns.

The Results of M/C/C’s Efforts

  • Chuck E. Cheese’s blogger network is currently more than 650 bloggers with 74 million monthly unique visitors to their site.
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s lesser known programs have seen success because of M/C/C’s outreach efforts.
  • M/C/C understands the value of having “go-to bloggers” and has built lasting relationships with mom bloggers for Chuck E. Cheese’s.

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