Crafting Success for FloraCraft’s Blogger Program

"With the structure of our program, we run a lot of campaigns per year, so I love being able to see the success of each quickly and be able to compare what is working to what isn’t. Without GroupHigh, this would be impossible."
Jamie Chapman

Jamie Chapman
Marketing Manager


Family-owned FloraCraft is the largest fabricator of foam for the floral and craft industry. FloraCraft offers products, education and inspiration for crafters and florists. Jane Chapman is the marketing manager for FloraCraft and responsible for all blogger relations programs for the company’s brands.


  • FloraCraft runs their blog  ambassador program and their influencer outreach campaigns in GroupHigh.


  • FloraCraft implements an approach to their marketing that features content instead of product.


  • GroupHigh has become an essential tool for FloraCraft and is used from influencer identification to campaign reporting. 


With a product line that is adaptable for many in the crafting space, the opportunity is to capture engagement by creating trend-driven content. For FloraCraft, there is a strong focus on always finding the right influencers for its marketing strategy, maintaining it’s blogger ambassador network and measuring the programs and campaigns.


FloraCraft currently has two types of influencer programs: an ambassador program with 12 bloggers whom the company works with on a monthly basis and its “Blog Blitzes” program that focuses on new product launches or special promotions. Both allow the company to build lasting relationships, while the ambassador program helps the company become involved in creative processes and see how content evolves over the lifetime of the partnerships.


FloraCraft’s influencer marketing strategy is to take a more organic approach than advertorial, which is more attractive to influencers. The company gives the influencers a bit of free-range to create content that fits their style and readership, and also partner for sponsored content.

Having a strong blogger and influencer driven marketing approach, FloraCraft needed a platform that would be customizable to their blogger outreach approach and allow them to see the impact their blogger strategies had on the brand.


GroupHigh is essential to all aspects of FloraCraft’s influencer marketing strategy on a tactical level from start to finish. GroupHigh is the main research tool for identifying key influencers and vetting potential reach. Reporting functionality allows FloraCraft to generate real-time reports to measure their blogger outreach strategies.


Using GroupHigh, FloraCraft is able to see the impact that its investment is creating and be confident in influencer marketing decisions. GroupHigh has helped FloraCraft take its program to another level with time-saving tools that provide meaningful metrics, and a customizable platform that helps deliver the key details and data in one easy-to-use dashboard.