Searching For The Right Bloggers Was A Painful Process

Craftsy has taken the world of crafting to a whole new level and thus wanted to step up the way they engaged with crafters. They knew that most crafters engaged with craft bloggers so they made a decision to target craft bloggers from all over the world. But, just like with any awesome idea, challenges had to be overcome and their biggest was finding bloggers who were the right fit. “It was painful,” said Caroline Wood, Craftsy’s marketing assistant. “You can only Google knitting blogger so many times”. In addition, they had to manually search for and document the traffic stats that Craftsy deemed important. All of these partially researched bloggers existed in one unorganized heap of Google docs.

Craftsy Found GroupHigh

Craftsy knew they needed a tool in order to maximize their blogger outreach efforts. Upon researching, they found GroupHigh. GroupHigh stood out because “reputable companies were using it and there were many great reviews on leading tech sites,” said Wood. “It was obvious that GroupHigh’s clients seemed very happy with it.”

How Craftsy Was Finally Able To Locate the Right Bloggers

GroupHigh’s search function allows Craftsy to locate exactly which bloggers they want to target by first searching for craft bloggers and then targeting niche topic such as cake decorating, quilting, sewing, etc. This not only turns up more opportunities but is a massive time saver as well. Craftsy is also able to compare multiple blog’s traffic stats and social media information in real time in one view with GroupHigh’s customizable platform. All of the bloggers they contact now are a perfect fit for the company instead of a shot in the dark like before.

Tangible Results

Since working with GroupHigh, Craftsy has saved time while they uncovered better blogger relationship opportunities. They’ve also seen the response rate from bloggers jump to well over 60%.

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