A case study of GroupHigh customer: Lorna Jane

With a goal of creating meaningful and long term relationships with influencers to increase brand awareness, Lorna Jane needed to grow their digital outreach program. They found their answer in GroupHigh’s online blog intelligence software. In just four months, Lorna Jane has seen amazing results.

GroupHigh has fueled an increase in the amount of bloggers Lorna Jane has formed relationships with and has aided in a boost in response rates all while reducing the time and effort required to identify bloggers. Lorna Jane is runway-inspired active wear designed by women, for women. A recent arrival to the United States, Lorna Jane has more than 150 retail locations throughout Australia, South Africa, and America. The company’s mission is to inspire women worldwide to live their best active life.

The Challenge

Lorna Jane is working to expand its brand internationally by reaching out to mid-level influencers in the form of bloggers. Before having access to GroupHigh, Lorna Jane found influencers “in a very adhoc and uneven way. We would stumble across a possible influencer on Twitter or YouTube. This worked okay but it was neither consistent nor scalable.” They knew there were many bloggers that were the perfect fit but Lorna Jane’s team just didn’t have the time or resources to find them. Lorna Jane also found that keeping track of the bloggers they found, contacted and formed relationships with was an unorganized task. “We created lots of spreadsheets and spent days compiling blogger lists across Google. It was inefficient, time consuming and hard to keep updated.”

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The Solution

To help with all of their influencer outreach pain points, Lorna Jane didn’t need more manpower or spreadsheets; they needed a tool to:

  • Find bloggers who were influential
  • See which bloggers fit perfectly in Lorna Jane’s vertical
  • Easily find topics a blogger writes about the most
  • Locate a blog’s traffic data and social following
  • Seamlessly manage communication and outreach
  • Track the engagement of the earned media that bloggers generate

That’s where GroupHigh came in. “The research component is an exceptional time saver, not only giving us insight into who is influential in our chosen vertical but who precisely to target based on brand fit and posting topics.” GroupHigh allows Lorna Jane to “build meaningful relationship with bloggers and have them on our team for the long term.”

The Results

Since becoming a GroupHigh client, Lorna Jane has seen significant improvement in the amount of quality bloggers that they’ve formed relationships with. “It is amazing to be able to pull information in realtime and make informed decisions quickly.” Lorna Jane is not only able to generate lists of bloggers in any vertical based on reach and an affinity for an active lifestyle but they can also track who has been contacted and where every blogger falls in the outreach process. Because of the ability to quickly personalize their pitches based on a bird’s eye view of post topics and keywords, response rates to Lorna Jane’s pitch emails are over 90%. Measuring the success of their outreach efforts has been made a lot easier with the ability to import all earned posts in to GroupHigh’s tracking and reporting system. “We can house everything in one place instead of trying to keep up with an array of spreadsheets.”

Tips from Lorna Jane

Sam Zivot, head of digital at Lorna Jane began utilizing his outreach skills in combination with GroupHigh four months ago and his blogger outreach program is one that everyone can be inspired by. Though GroupHigh has helped Sam uncover a lot of perfect bloggers for Lorna Jane, part of what has made his outreach so successful is that he understands the value of a personalized pitch and long term relationships with bloggers. Here is some of Sam’s blogger outreach advice:

  • Give the blogger creative freedom. When Sam works with bloggers to determine the type of post (guest post, sponsored post, product review, etc.) he allows them to take the lead in order to earn an authentic post that fits organically with the blogger’s existing content.
  • In his outreach email, Sam quickly introduces Lorna Jane, offers the bloggers free clothing and asks the blogger “to integrate mentions of our brand into their content in a way that is organic and natural to the blogger.” Sam advises: “The worst possible outcome is an article coming off as a sales pitch. Authenticity is everything.”
  • Make sure something is in it for the blogger. “Give the blogger an amazing experience, something exclusive, something that serves to build a relationship and let them do the rest.”
  • Sam is all about actually reading through the blogger’s content and only sends personalized pitches to bloggers. “Always read the about me section. There is lots of quirky information about the blogger there that is great material for initially breaking the ice. One blogger’s guilty pleasure was reading Twilight, so in my subject line to her, I said “P.S, it’s ok to like Twilight”. I got a response to move ahead with the campaign right away.”
  • Don’t only consider numbers to qualify your bloggers. “Audience size is only one consideration we take into account when selecting bloggers to build relationships with. We often find smaller bloggers that have very loyal and engaged audiences.”

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