A case study of GroupHigh customer: Harlem Globetrotters

The Globetrotters launched a blogger outreach campaign to create an affiliate network during their 2013 North American tour. The targets were influential blogs with a family-friendly editorial scope. The bloggers with appropriate editorial and exceptional engagement were accepted into their affiliate program. Those accepted received free game vouchers in exchange for a sponsored post and tour promotion. In their sponsored posts, bloggers were encouraged to offer their favorite family-friendly activities and pose the Globetrotters tour as an additional option.

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Finding Bloggers Was a Challenging Process

Dylan Richter, Digital Marketing Manager for the Harlem Globetrotters, found that identifying their ideal candidates was a challenging process. Dylan was manually pulling comparable data points on potential affiliates; a tedious way to find the right blogs. Compiling statistics and continuously updating them became most difficult part. “We are always looking for innovative and efficient technology partners that can extend our reach and engagement.”

The Globetrotters Use GroupHigh to Organize and Manage Their Campaign

GroupHigh’s platform enabled Dylan to discover and compare potential affiliates for their blogger outreach program all at once. He was quickly able to identify which blogs were a perfect fit for their network. The platform proved to be a huge time-saver by assisting in initial outreach and increasing efficiencies during the comparison and ultimately campaign management stages. Dylan could finally view all the blogs and their stats in real time on one grid. Comparing and narrowing down became a breeze. wtsp

Tangible Results

  • The Globetrotters estimate a 10:1 ROI.
  • The Globetrotters landed new relationships with 300+ of the most influential family oriented bloggers and 250+ blog posts from their affiliates, not to mention a whole lot of lifetime fans!
  • GroupHigh improved Dylan’s time efficiency by 15% with the ability to identify and manage the Globetrotters outreach campaign.

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