What is Blogger Outreach?

The strategy of working with online influencers in the form of bloggers to build a brand ambassador network, promote new products, earn authentic mentions and get noticed by a variety of new consumers.

The 5 Phases of Blogger Outreach

  • Plan your entire campaign before reaching out to bloggers. Envisioning your goal all the way through before pitching is crucial so that you can accurately steer the campaign in the right direction. It’s also very important to consult buyer personas so that you can have a clear view of the types of bloggers your consumers follow.
  • Identify the right bloggers through a blogger outreach tool, recommendations from other bloggers in your network, searching based on niche topics and blog rolls.
  • Pitch Reach out to bloggers in a personalized manner that contains a give (what you’re offering and why they want to work with you) and an ask (what you want them to do for your brand).
  • Send Give the bloggers you work with the assets to write about an entire experience with your brand. From awesome content to new brand items to infographics to exclusive interviews—send what you promise and make it awesome.
  • Promote When you earn media from bloggers share it on your own channels. This helps your posts get exposure and helps the bloggers get exposed to new audiences.

Why is Blogger Outreach Important?

  • The average buyer consults 11 product reviews before making a purchase decision. Most of these are blog posts.
  • Bloggers are easier to search for by granular contextual criteria than influencers on other platforms.
  • Bloggers are some of the most sought out resources when consumers are researching brands and products. In fact at least 81% of the digital population trusts advice they get from bloggers.
  • Bloggers are active on a variety of social channels so they are a great springboard for campaigns that span across many digital channels.
  • Bloggers write about niche based topics instead of genre allowing marketers to find influencers who have a very targeted audience.
  • Action and social mentions are driven more effectively by “power middle.” Mid-level influencers like bloggers have a smaller but more loyal audience and drive 16 times more engagement than paid media and “mega influencers.”
  • Blogs are in the top five sources of trustworthy information.
  • “Influencers are most active on blogs, as 86% say they have them and 88% of those say they blog for themselves.”

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How to build a successful blogger outreach strategy

  • Approach blogger outreach in a “network building” approach. Create a strategy that identifies the bloggers that lift your brand the most and segment them in to an advocate group that you nurture and work with ongoing.
  • In the initial outreach email after identifying a blogger you want to work with, send a personalized pitch that contains the following in a clear and concise manner:
    1. Brief background on you and your brand
    2. Why the two of you are a good fit
    3. What are you asking of the blogger
    4. What are you willing to give to make the relationship mutually beneficial
    5. Link to brand assets but don’t send attachments in first email
  • Identify niches within blogger verticals that your target consumers would follow.
  • Trial and error. Try different approaches and work with different niches to learn what digital mediums and what types of posts create the most brand engagement.
  • Focus on giving your bloggers an entire experience with your brand. This elicits posts that drive engagement as opposed to simple links and shout outs.
  • Focus on a contextual fit over a numerical fit. A small but super targeted audience is more effective for your campaign than a blogger who is a “sort of” contextual fit but has a lot of Twitter followers.
  • Promote all earned media on your own social channels.
  • Equip bloggers with plenty of assets to help them write an awesome and accurate post about your brand. High resolution images, product guides and infographics are great!
  • Work with bloggers across multiple digital channels. Bloggers promote themselves across their social outlets so their influence tends to be on a variety of mediums.

Noteworthy Examples of Content Marketing

logo_tyson-150x150 What they did:
In order to clear an excessive inventory of chicken nuggets, Tyson reached out to Mom bloggers and worked with them on creative ways to decorate chicken nuggets for Christmas instead of cookies! They moved their inventory faster than ever…
Key takeaway:
Foster a creative campaign and let the bloggers you work with find a way to incorporate your brand in authentic way to show their own network their experience.
char-broil-logo-150x150 What they did:
Char-Broil works with cooking bloggers who have an affinity for grilled dishes in a network approach. The send their bloggers a few free grills a year along with tailored infographics, new recipes and promote their bloggers from their end. They have about 12 bloggers in their network total who make a big bang.
Key takeaway:
Work with bloggers on an ongoing basis. Build a network of bloggers around your brand and focus on quality of relationships over quantity.
lorna-jane-logo-300x146 What they did:
Lorna Jane sends personalized pitches to fitness, fashion and other relevant bloggers. They offer them a free outfit of their choice and if it elicits a post, they try to work with the blogger again.
Key takeaway:
In order to score authentic posts—don’t require a post from bloggers—just give them the means to create something sincere. Track the posts you earn and continue to engage with the bloggers who create awesome brand lift.

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