Three Examples All Marketers Can Learn From

Winning at brand-blogger partnerships is a weekly series from Marketing Profs on how brands are teaming up with bloggers to create winning influencer marketing strategies. 

In the era of P2P marketing, some brands and bloggers go together like chocolate and peanut butter. And while the challenge may lie in finding and identifying the right influencers, the results can be “two great tastes that taste great together.” Let’s take a closer look at three examples of brand-blog partnerships which are seriously synergistic:


  1. Mom Advice and Kenmore

Mommy blogs are big business, and Mom Advice has reached superstar status for its community-based approach to uniting moms facing everyday challenges. From recipes to reading lists, Mom Advice’s useful content has landed the blog on countless “best of” roundups, making founder Amy Clark the perfect partner for household appliance company Kenmore.

As Kenmore’s home management “genius,” Clark now pens a Kenmore community column, and her unwavering voice offers an authentic, credible, and invaluable vote of confidence for the brand.


  1. C.C. Chapman and Snapchat

In describing himself in his bio, marketing consultant, writer, photographer, keynote speaker, volunteer, and teacher C.C. Chapman says, “I create, teach and motivate people to do more good in the world.” And as diverse as his titles, so is the subject matter found at his blog. With posts ranging from top apps for digital dads to proper Facebook posting etiquette, Chapman’s reach is broad yet targeted, thanks to a well cultivated, 21st century Everyman persona.

So who better to partner with video messaging app Snapchat to lend legitimacy to the app otherwise seen largely as the domain of tech-savvy teens? In declaring Snapchat to be his “moment sharing application of choice,” Chapman is as good as asking his readers, “Why isn’t it yours, too?”


  1. The Barefoot Blonde and John Frieda

What do you get when you combine one of the world’s most well known (and well dressed) lifestyle bloggers with a celebrity hair product business? The Barefoot Blonde’s The 7 Day Hair Diary. Beachy curls, messy buns, and a “subtle Brigitte Bardot look” are just a few of the styles that wowed blogger Amber Fillerup Clark’s aspiring audience during the campaign.

Once primarily the domain of lifestyle, beauty, fashion and hair, the Barefoot Blonde has recently added Mommy Blog to its realm of expertise meaning even more readers will be looking to Clark—and the brands she uses—for even more ways to live well.

What’s one thing tying all three of these brand-blogger collaborations together? They go beyond touting mere products and services to also cultivate a sense of the experiences they create for people—not brands—as an important part of the equation.

Do you have an example or strategy that you would like to share when it comes to brands partnering with bloggers for awesome influencer marketing results? 

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