Why PR Firms Need to Offer Quality Blog Outreach Services

As 2013 takes off, many PR firms and agencies may be discussing better ways to market their clients this year. While content marketing is an obvious must have for any business’s online strategy, blog outreach and guest blogging are still areas that are debated. It’s time to put any misconceptions to rest and look at the benefits of quality blog outreach and why PR firms and agencies need to offer this service in 2013.

The Definition Quality Blog Outreach

One of the reasons blog outreach and guest blogging has gained a bit of a negative reputation as of late is because people have been doing both the wrong way. Blog outreach and guest blogging should both be done for two reasons: gaining exposure for a business and helping that business build authority in their industry.

Unfortunately, another reason marketers have been using both tactics lately is for search engine optimization purposes – particularly to build links back to the business’s website in order to influence search rankings. Generally they do so by delivering mediocre content at best through mass mailings and other impersonalized requests.

The definition of quality blog outreach is to target highly relevant blogs – ones whose audience is filled with a  business’s ideal customer base – and personally reach out to them with valuable information and content that the blogger can use to promote the business. This means that you’re not only promoting the business, but you’re giving the blogger content that they can use to really engage their audience.

How You and Your Clients Can Benefit From Blog Outreach

There are a few ways your PR firm’s clients can benefit from blog outreach and guest blogging. Note this is benefits from quality blog outreach.

  • Clients will receive new visitors to their website. These visitors will be targeted to the client’s customer base which should also lead to more leads and conversions.
  • Clients will become recognized as authorities in their industry.
  • Clients products and services will be reviewed by established, authoritative blogs leading to more inquiries from the blogger’s audience about these products and services.
  • Clients will develop a relationship with bloggers in their industry that they can rely on to help them with their latest promotions and media outreach.
  • Clients will also see a boost in their rankings in search thanks to the links they receive from posts written on their behalf or about their business.


There are, of course, many more benefits to a quality blog outreach campaign, but these are the ones your clients will be most interested in. The benefit to you as a PR firm is that as your client starts to see these results roll in, they will be more likely to invest in additional services.

Ways to Educate Your Clients About Blog Outreach

So now that you see the value in offering quality blog outreach and guest blogging services, how can you start to marketing those services to your clients? Here are some things to try.

  • Start by distinguishing what your blog outreach service has to offer and how it differs from other agencies who are offering it solely for search engine value.
  • Create case studies that show how businesses benefit from blog outreach services. If you work with businesses from different types of industries, be sure to create case studies for those industries so each potential client can relate.
  • Don’t just offer blog outreach services – use blog outreach to market your services to your potential customer base. Let them see you not just talking about the benefits but actually pursuing the benefits for your own firm.

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Great Article!blogger outreach is making a relationship with people who have authority and a large targeted audience that your brand has something to offer them and their audience.

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