Why Brands Need to Invest in Go-To Bloggers

One of the biggest mistakes that brands make when it comes to blog outreach is treating each outreach campaign as a one-time thing. Sometimes this happens because the outreach manager changes from one campaign to the next, and other times this happens because the outreach manager simply doesn’t have time to do more than make their request. Instead of looking at each outreach campaign is a first and last, brands should invest in building relationships with bloggers for future campaigns as well. Here are some great reasons why.

The Blogger Will Appreciate the Investment

When you send a one-off request to multiple bloggers at a time, the request will come off sounding professional but impersonal. The more popular a blogger is, the less likely they are to respond to it. Or if they do, they will not be as enthusiastic as you might want them to be.

On the other hand, if you start your communications with a blogger with the goal of building a mutually-beneficial relationship, you are going to be more apt to creating a very personalized request from the get go. Bloggers are going to be more likely to respond to this as they like knowing the brand took the time to do the following.

  • Get to know the blog’s content and audience.
  • Let the blogger know how respected and valuable they are in their niche.
  • Make sure that their offer was relevant.

Most importantly, the blogger will love the fact that you are going to invest in a future relationship with them. Be sure to offer them anything you can in terms of establishing that relationship such as lifetime access to your product, recurring product samples, trial services, and anything else the blogger can use to get to know your brand in a positive light.

The Blogger Will Become a Brand Advocate

What happens when you invest in a long-term relationship with a blogger? That blogger will start to love your brand so much that they are likely to become an vocal advocate of your brand. You can forget having to rely on paying for reviews or begging for them to mention you. Instead, the blogger will be excited to mention you whenever they can to other bloggers, other sites they write for, and across their social media networks. This is the kind of word-of-mouth marketing that many businesses have to pay dearly for in advertising.

Your Brand Will Become More Recognized

As a result of the blogger’s enthusiasm about your brand and frequent mentions, the blogger’s audience will become more familiar with your brand through repetition. It’s easy for a blog reader to read one review or guest post from a brand and forget about them. It’s much more difficult if the brand becomes a constant presence on the blog and blogger’s social media messaging.

The best part is that since the mentions come from someone the audience already trusts, the audience is more likely to become customers of your brand. HubSpot released an infographic that shows 90% of people believe brand recommendations from friends and 71% are more likely to purchase when referred by someone on social media. This means that the blogger’s word-of-mouth referral is going to be more powerful than any ads or other marketing strategy you can invest in.

Future Outreach Campaigns Will Be Easier to Conduct

Last, but not least, if you have built strong relationships with bloggers in your industry, you won’t have to worry about starting your next blog outreach campaign from scratch. You will always have your go-to blog network to work with first when you release exciting news or launch a new product or service. The stronger the relationship, the easier the outreach will be. You can then focus your efforts into building more relationships with each campaign. Just remember to do the following.

  • Keep track of the bloggers you are established with along with the communication you have with them. This will make it easier to maintain those relationships if your outreach manager changes.
  • Reach out to your go-to bloggers from time to time without a press release or launch information just to see how they are, if they have any feedback, or if you can help them in any way. This way the relationships will be mutually beneficial instead of a one-sided affair.
  • Show appreciation for your go-to bloggers any way you can – promote them and their posts mentioning your brand on your social networks when applicable, send them thank you notes, gifts for the holidays, etc.

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