Who Inspires our Favorite Marketers?

The upcoming virtual conference at GroupHigh features some of the most inspirational marketers I’ve ever come across.

Because I can be slightly analytical (ahem), I was really curious about who inspires the people who inspire me and my marketing strategies.

So I asked them.

These are my five favorite answers.

I would love it if you weighed in and shared with us who inspires your marketing by tweeting using #outreachmarketing and link to your inspirational inspirer!

Lee Odden


Lee Odden

Ann Handley inspires me to make my marketing better because she cracks the whip on mediocrity. I like Ann and I like quality content. I really don’t like whips.




crosby norricks

Crosby Noricks

Levo League produces a vast amount of content across multiple platforms (I follow them mostly on Instagram and Pinterest)  that is branded without being overwhelmingly so, and what they produce is just gorgeous in how it speaks directly to their audience in a way that both educates and entertains.







laura petrolinoLaura Petrolino

I swear I’m not saying this because she’s my boss (however, it is a big part of the reason I wanted to join Arment Dietrich and Spin Sucks in the first place), @ginidietrich 





Mark Fidelman


Mark Fidelman

If I were forced to work with one and only one influencer, I’d choose Russell Wilson, Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks – he’s the real deal online and off. 




Lina Skandalakis


Lina Skandalakis

Leticia Barr of TechSavvyMama inspires me! Her positioning and only taking campaigns that resonate with her audience is admirable.








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