What's Trending: Influencer Marketing in 2016

Ever since Malcolm Gladwell defined the “mavens,” influencers have been on every marketer’s agenda. But discovering the latest leaders to connect with is just the first step. What’s next? What are other leading marketers doing with influencers?

Here are three of the latest trends in influencer marketing to give you the forward thinking power to make the most of this marketing push. 

Video: The Queen of Hearts

A phrase that’s so overdone that it’s nearly cliché—Content is King—may still be relevant. However, when it comes to content distribution, video is the queen of hearts. We’ve known for years that video is prominent among web users, in particular those using mobile devices. In fact, dare we say that by 2019, video will take over the internet, covering 80 percent of global traffic. Holy cow. That is a lot of web.

It also places massive emphasis on the importance of influencer marketing via video. The top spot for this action is YouTube, of course: think PewDiePie, Grace Helbig, and Roman Atwood, to name just a few. But Facebook is working its way up the ranks. As of January 2016, video viewing on Facebook has hit more than 8 billion average views a day. Clearly Facebook is on target with the rise of the video star. Which influencers are taking to Facebook’s video platform? Think The Eh Bee Family, Curtis Lepore, DeStorm Power, and Logan Paul for starters. 

Authenticity and Shifting Budgets

One issue among bloggers is the over-saturation of sponsorship. Readers are striking back against such bloggers, stating they are placing sponsored posts above quality content. These bloggers are dinged by their audience for appearing to be more focused on SEO and sponsorships than on soulful stories.

This is a major problem, and as a result influencer marketers are scaling back on the number of sponsorships they acquire. For marketing budgets, this means paying out more to the top-positioned influencers, rather than spreading your budgets horizontally across the web.

Advocate Marketing

A niche of influencer marketing is advocate marketing. Here the goal is to look for those customers who offer honest and enthusiastic referrals for your brand or company. Not only is word-of-mouth one of the most effective means of acquiring new customers, but, as an added bonus, customer referrals are also very low cost. Where can you tap into these advocate audiences? The top spot is Amazon or other third party sites noted for having authentic reviews. Influitive and other similar services are another way to find advocate marketers and to take this marketing route to the next level.

Key Takeaways

  • Video increasingly captures the attention of more viewers on more devices.
  • Marketing budgets must keep in mind quality over quantity, especially when it comes to helping your most influential bloggers stay authentic.
  • Brand advocates are additions to the court of influencer marketers, offering a direct link between current customers and future consumers.

Please weigh in and share recent trends you’ve seen in influencer marketing!

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