What Matters When Choosing the Right Blogs for Blogger Outreach

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When your company is looking to pitch a blog with a guest post or review request, you probably don’t want to pitch blogs blindly. You will want to do some research to make sure that it is a quality blog that has an audience you want to reach. The following are the most important things to research before pitching a blog.

Qualifiers for Successful Blog Outreach

While search engine marketers are only concerned with Google PageRank, you’re going to want to know much more.

Topics Covered

Want to know if your target audience is reading a particular blog? The best way to find out is to look at the topics the blog covers. If you or your client sells social media tools or consulting, then blogs that heavily cover social media should be your first choice to pitch.

Post Frequency

Next is post frequency. There are tons of lists out there that compile popular blogs on particular topics. The problems with those lists include the fact that they are often out-of-date or include blogs that simply don’t post often. If a blog only posts once a month and none of those posts are guest posts or product reviews, then your success in getting them to talk about you or your client will be slim.

Social Following

A blog may have tons of traffic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has tons of authority. While traffic can be bought or manipulated through traffic exchange networks and other services, having a strong social following on more than one social network generally is a good sign that the blog is authoritative in their industry. You don’t want to just see that a blog has tons of Twitter followers – you want to see that they have followers on Twitter, Facebook, and a presence on other social networks as well.

Search Authority

A website’s authority when it comes to search engines shouldn’t be your only priority, but it should factor into your decision about whether a blog is a good choice for your outreach. If the blog fits all of the above criteria – the right topics covered, decent post frequency, and strong social following – then strong visibility in search is icing on the cake. This means that the blog probably ranks well for the topics it covers and gains lots of additional traffic from search engines.

While Google PageRank used to be the main focus for a website’s search strength, many marketing agencies are now turning to MozRank from SEOmoz. SEOmoz measures the number of incoming links to a domain as well as the quality of those links, giving the website a score from 1 to 10, with 3 being average and anything above 8 being exceptional.

How to Find These Qualifiers

There are lots of tools and methods to finding this kind of information about blogs you are considering as a part of your blog outreach campaign. Your first option is to simply visit all of these blogs individually and all of the above information in a spreadsheet or other document.

If you are a GroupHigh user you already know that the platform takes the pain out of qualifying blogs for your outreach program by putting everything you need to know in one easy to read section in their search results.


Here, you can see:

  • The main topics covered by the blog which will clue you in about the blog audience and their interests.
  • Post frequency along with specific titles of the latest posts.
  • Social following statistics on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube plus whether the blog is on LinkedIn and Google+.
  • MozRank scores for search authority.
  • Location and basic description for the blog.
  • Website URL and contact information.


The best part is you don’t have to manually annotate the information – you can just click one button to save the blog to your target outreach list.

What to Do Next

Once you’ve created a targeted list of relevant blogs, your next job will be to start contacting them about your guest post or pitch. Be sure to:

  • Address the blogger by name, especially if they have a large following. The larger the following, the harder it will be to impress them as they probably have lots of pitches sent their way.
  • Describe how the guest post or pitch you are sending will benefit the blogger and their audience.
  • Offer a free trial or sample when possible. If you make their experience with your brand pleasant and memorable, they will be more likely to give you good coverage on their blog


What is the first trait you look for when deciding which bloggers you are going to reach out to?

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