What Exactly Drives Influencer Marketing Success?

Do you ever stop to think about where creative marketing intersects with data driven strategies?

Have you ever seen a marketing strategy that focuses too much on data and takes away from the human element of the brand? Flipside, have you ever seen a marketing tactic that is creative but you wonder if it is actually reaching consumers?

I like to hang out on the corner of creativity and data because it’s where successful marketing lives. Influencer marketing that has a backbone of both creativity and proven tactics is what the best brands are made of.

While I consider myself a creative type, I am sucker for a good research report. The following are the four most important data points that have molded the influencer marketing strategies I advocate for recently:


1. On average, every $1 spent on influencer marketing returns $6.50 in earned media value

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2. A study published by Augure showed that 84% of marketers are planning to launch an influencer marketing strategy of some sort in the next year and 81% of those who already have, report being happy with the results

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3. With over 68% of bloggers reporting that they prefer to work directly with brands, brands should take their marketing relationships in house or at least team up with an agency who adopts the networking building approach to digital marketing

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4. Content is the most common piece of leverage that brands are using in their influencer outreach

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The Biggest Struggle

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Brands report having the most difficulty when it comes to influencer identification. Thinking through the vetting process of what exactly an ideal influencer looks like for a strategy is moderately time consuming. The enormous time suck comes when brands have to locate influencers. Researching post topics, engagement values, social footprint, SEO stats, traffic to site and more takes hours for just a few influencers.

There are a handful of influencer identification tools available that were created to streamline the influencer identification process so marketers can spend more time on creating awesome content and nurturing relationships.

Do you have any thoughts or opinions you want to share about successful influencer marketing? Case studies to tips and tricks from experience are highly encouraged!

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