What Do the Very Best Outreach Campaigns Have in Common?

I recently wrote an ebook outlining 10 of the very best examples of blogger outreach.

The book focuses on the strategy, post tactics, results and takeaways from the best campaigns—many of which were done by big brands and agencies.

It occurred to me after I published the book, that most of the campaigns that I wrote about had some common elements that made their campaign fabulous not just good.

So I wanted to create this post on commonalities of the best outreach campaigns so that when all my PR and digital marketing friends run a blogger outreach campaign, they get it right every time!

  • Bloggers are courted and pitched on a personal level. They are made to feel like VIP’s and a crucial member of the brand’s campaign.


  • This one surprised me the most: the majority of blogger outreach campaigns worked with a handful of influential and super contextually fitting bloggers instead of a bunch of bloggers. Many campaigns averaged around 10 bloggers and still got extraordinary results.


  • Good campaigns narrow down an affinity but often don’t stick to one vertical. As long as the blogger wrote about the topic at hand often, the genre of the blogs were varied.


For example, if I want bloggers to promote a running race, I don’t need to just reach out to bloggers who write about running. Though I would definitely include those, I would expand my list to include mom blogs who write about running and health blogs who write about running and even beer bloggers who run to justify their beer.


  • Along my previous point, niche bloggers are where it’s at. Don’t blast every blogger who is a “decent fit.” They personally email all bloggers who are a snug fit with their campaign goals.


  • The agencies with the best campaigns don’t just reach out to bloggers and ask for a mention. They have a thought out plan in mind and a specific post tactic.


For example I reference Wendy’s in my ebook and they had their bloggers write about a memory that eating a Frosty evoked.

A stain remover company sent really expensive fashion items to bloggers covered in stains accompanied with the laundry detergent so they had to use the stain remover to reveal the clothing. How creative and next step is that!?

  • Localized events were a popular commonality among successful campaigns. Whether the bloggers got together for a cook off or local bloggers attended a blogger dinner at a restaurant promoting new menu items, the humanness that a brand suddenly has at an in person event seems to inspire some of the best posts.


  • Successful campaigns have a good balance of giving their bloggers creative freedom while still being very clear about what they need from a post.


For example, one agent did a blogger book tour for her client and she let her bloggers choose whether they wanted to do an interview with the author or a review of the book. But she was very specific with her call to action and the dates that the posts were supposed to go live. Upfront but not controlling, I dig it.


  • Another no brainer but I’ve got to say it: The best and honestly decent campaigns all give the bloggers something from the brand. Whether it’s tickets to an experience or it’s a piece of clothing, the bloggers write firsthand about their brand experience.


Want to be inspired and entertained? Download the free ebook that I wrote giving the best of the best campaign examples!

Are there any blogger outreach campaign strategies that you think should be included on this list? Do share! 

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