We are starting an influencer marketing initiative and want to see how GroupHigh can help.

Today I’m starting a new series of content on the GroupHigh blog titled user Q&A.  Over the past 8 years running a software company in the influencer marketing space we have amassed a great deal of Q&A dialogue between our prospects, leads, clients, and employees.  This new series of blog posts will help to showcase the diligence of the GroupHigh team in answering these questions as well as offer an inside look at solutions to common influencer and blogger outreach problems.

Today’s question comes from a gentleman at Vtiger; an open-source crm company who competes with SugarCRM and salesforce.

Today’s question:

“We are starting an influencer marketing initiative. Want to see how GroupHigh can help.”

Our Reply:

Thanks for reaching out, we’ve recently made GroupHigh 100% self-service so you can try it out for free at: https://app8.grouphigh.com/#!/register

How GroupHigh can help?  A great way to get started with blogger outreach is to identify all of the blogs that have linked to your website and the websites’ of your competitors.  I did a quick Google search to identify some other open-source CRM products and found:

I used GroupHigh to find blogs that have linked to those 10 results, vTiger included.

I dialed in several other GroupHigh search filters such as:

Sites with between 1 and 3 authors.
This filter focuses the search on non-news / online-digital publications which will be easier to pitch and email so I like to focus on these first.

Sites that are not company websites, education, and other organizations or major news publications.

This again helps to remove sites that may be difficult to pitch when starting out.  Once you’ve built a list of the “low-hanging fruit” so to speak you can return and build a second list targeting larger outlets that are not yet saved to a list.

At this point you can click the SAVE button next to each blog you wish to add to your list.  Finally, when viewing your list in GroupHigh, I would recommend the following column configuration to make outreach and email more easy.
I hope this helps you get started, if you have any further questions please let me know.


This is a great starting-point for any company starting to build relationships with bloggers and influencers that have mentioned them and their competitors.

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