Want to Become an Expert? Top 10 Influencer Marketing Terms You'll Need to Know.

Most of us working in marketing, communications, and public relations know what a hashtag is and can quickly define the role of a CMO. But with an increase of marketing budgets being allocated towards influencer marketing in 2017, it’s important to keep up with the terminology. Below is a breakdown of the top 10 influencer-marketing terms you’ll need to have in your toolbox as a marketer this year.

  1. Ad Blocker: Web browser extensions that help prevent digital advertisements from appearing as users visit various websites. There’s been an increase in Ad Blockers during the past several years, increasing the value of organic content.
  1. Click Through Rate: The percentage of people visiting a web page who click on a specific link. This is often calculated by dividing the number of people who clicked on the link by the number of people who were initially exposed to the content.
  1. Impressions: A metric often used to influencer marketing to report on the number of people who could have been exposed to a particular piece of content.
  1. Micro Influencer: Term used to categorize influencers who have a somewhat large reach but most importantly, specific content and highly engaged audiences.
  1. Word Of Mouth Marketing: An exchange of thoughts, ideas, and opinions that focus primarily on authentic and honest human communication.
  1. User Generated Content (UGC): Content that consumers or users create and share on social media themselves.
  1. Affiliate Marketing: A transaction between a company and online affiliate (website, blog, social media profile) where the affiliate generates customers, leads, or online purchases and receives financial commission from the company.
  1. Advocate Marketing: A marketing strategy that focuses heavily on authentic word-of-mouth brand, service, or product promotion. This type of marketing leverages various channels to engage loyal groups of fans, followers, and customers to gain brand or campaign awareness.
  1. Organic (Earned) Influence: Online social content that is generated naturally and without the incentive of compensation.
  1. UMV: An online traffic metric that refers to the number of Unique Monthly Visitors a website receives.

Of course, these are just 10 important terms to know. This list is certain to expand and if you have any questions about these or have terms you think are important for other marketers to know, we would love to hear from you.

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