GroupHigh’s Learn From the Best Expert Series:

Learn from the best explores how today’s best marketers and companies operate blogger programs and build relationships with influencers.  The experts highlighted in this series work in different industries, but all understand the value of fostering relationships with bloggers and efficiently activating and managing their campaigns.

Vega’s Approach to Influencer Marketing:

Since the company’s conception in 2001, Vega has been committed to building real relationships with consumers and providing their community with clean, plant-based nutrition. In 2014, the brand had matured and was receiving word-of-mouth attention from different professional athletes who were passionate about plant-based alternatives so they decided to launch a formal blogger program.

We had a chance to speak with Tevor Ellestad, Vega’s PR and Advocacy Supervisor to pick his brain about the brand’s strategy for fostering authentic relationships and measuring the results of their outreach. Check out what Trevor had to say…

Download Highlights:

  •  How the brand grew their influencer network from just a few athletes to over 1,500.
  • The strategies used by Vega to build and maintain personal relationships with their network of bloggers.
  • Tips for implementing a hybrid approach when reporting on the ROI of an influencer campaign.