The approach to marketing that I advocate for is wholeheartedly a relationship building and nurturing centric philosophy. If you’ve been following my content and/or GroupHigh for a bit, you should already know how to rock this approach and therefore you should already have a ton of influential relationships in place to activate to score some cool media for your brand during this busy season.

Time is of the essence, so take a look at these easy to implement strategies and examples of how brands can capitalize on marketing relationships they already have and activate influencers who are ready to score some holiday brand lift!

Gift opening content

This research report by ClickZ really emphasizes the value of creating content fueled by raw emotion. Videos and photos that capture people opening or receiving a gift creates more engagement than other type of posts.

Finding ways to capitalize on this trend while maintaining authenticity can be a bit tricky and marketers need to keep in mind that while consumers crave raw emotion, they can still spot fake emotion. The key is to brainstorm with your influencer network on how to create content capturing real moments. Try something  simple like sending your influencers a gift that they can give someone in their lives or maybe someone in their online network and challenge them to post the opening part of gifting process.

Who published gift guides last year?

Do a quick search through content that your influencers put out this time last year. Did they do a gift guide? Email them, reference said gift guide and ask if they are doing another one this year.

Don’t forget that since it’s the busiest time of year for your brand, it’s also the busiest time of year for content creators. You can be courteous of this by keeping your outreach emails short, sweet and to the point.

Send a gift and get a post

Part of your job is to facilitate ongoing relationships and continually happy brand fans. Send thank you gifts to all of them because you should. But, you also very well may score some cool posts.

Of course a free product doesn’t guarantee earned media but it certainly helps and the media created from a surprise or thank you gift is more authentic than content created out of a formalized partnership.

Use your own content strengths

You’re nurturing and monitoring your network of influencers, right?

When they post a gift guide, cool Christmas cookie infographic or other pieces of content—even if it doesn’t link to your brand—share with your audience on your own social channels.

Think of who will be seeking out gifts

Our buyer personas shifts a bit during the holiday season because consumers are looking for gifts to give to their friends and family.

So while a yoga brand may market to yogis throughout the year, during the holiday season, they need to reach the people who want to buy gifts for yogis. Once marketers think through the different gift guides and ideas that will be heavily researched, they can adapt accordingly.

The clock is ticking, do you have any tips for brand-blogger partnerships that boost sales during the holiday season?



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