Top 10 Home Improvement/ DIY Influencers on The Web Today

Last month, you may have seen our post highlighting the Top Family Travel Influencers built using GroupHigh‘s discovery feature. This month, we’re excited to share with you a great list of Home Improvement & Decor Influencers with summertime DIY projects.

This list of influencers love engaging with their audiences, offering helpful tips and tricks for do-it-yourself home improvement projects and step-by-step highlights of their own renovations.

  1. The HoneyComb Home

After taking a few interior design courses and finding a passion for home staging, Roxanne Kwiecinske created The Honeycomb Home. On her blog, Roxanne highlights her own home décor projects and provides tips and ticks for “waking up your space!”

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  1. Wit & Delight

According to Kate Arends, “Wit is a sharpness and quickness to the process, while delight is finding the joy and the humor throughout each step.” Her blog, Wit & Delight, showcases her own personal and home décor style, and has garnered 3.1 millions unique followers since it began in 2008.

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  1. Pretty Handy Girl

Brittany Bailey loves breaking stereotypes. Her blog, Pretty Handy Girl, aims to break down the stereotype that women aren’t handy and to offer home improvement and DIY projects to anyone who wishes they were handier.

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  1. Bless’er House

Bless’er House is the brainchild of Lauren Shaver. Lauren is a wife, mother, and DIY project fanatic who loves putting her “southern” touch on things. Her blog is filled with tips & tricks for staying on budget with home décor projects, and shares insight into her own family’s home improvement initiatives.

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  1. Domestic Imperfection

Ashley and her husband are both DIY pros who love sharing their various projects write Domestic Imperfection. Receiving over 320,000 page views a month, Ashley’s blog is a perfect blend of captivating aesthetic and helpful advice.

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  1. Refresh Restyle

Refresh Restyle is curated by Debbie Westbrooks. Always looking at new things and wondering what she can create, Debbie features her daily projects and even has an “inspiration Monday” section for her favorite new things.

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  1. Vintage Revivals

Mandi Gubler is the voice behind Vintage Revivals. Her blog focuses on being fearless- highlighting step-by-step her DIY transformations of entire spaces. Mandi’s super interactive- she loves it when her audience sends her pictures of their own DIY designs for feature as well.
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8. Decoholic

Categorized by different interior design spaces, blogger Melina Divani’s site Decoholic keeps up with the latest trends in interior design and offers readers a look into various design submissions from around the world.
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9. Nesting Place

In 2007, Myquillyn Smith launched the Nesting Place as a place to have fun with and share her obsession with houses. To Myquillyn, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful,” and she focuses on creating spaces to live real lives and be who they really are.

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10. Not Just a Housewife

Stacy is a stay-at-home mom of four boys and created her blog, Not Just a Housewife, to showcase the creative home improvement projects she completes on her 1938 cottage.
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