These Five Resources are the Equivalent of a College Course on Influencer Marketing

With a plethora of content about influencer marketing invading our inboxes and Twitter feeds, it’s no secret that a marketer can self-educate themselves on the topic of influencer marketing. The problem is in sifting through the mediocre resources to find the ones that will change the way you think about marketing.

Luckily I have sifted through a ton of content and put together these 5 resources that, when combined, can educate you on EVERYTHING you need to know about influencer marketing.

What the Heck is Influencer Marketing and Should You Be Doing it?

This podcast is an hour long but it is the most thorough discussion on influencer marketing that I’ve ever been part of. If you’re new to this type of marketing you should definitely start with this podcast to figure out if influencer marketing is right for your brand.

Influencer Marketing Workbook

The backbone of an epic influencer marketing strategy is the planning and identification of the right influencers. This workbook is in PowerPoint so that you can brain storm, plan and organize all elements of your influencer marketing strategy.

The workbook will help you answer these questions:

  • Who are your influencer personas?
  • How to build an ongoing influencer marketing strategy
  • Which metrics to track and measure to calculate success
  • Plan for an entire year of influencer powered marketing


The Rise of Influencer Marketing and The Opportunity for Marketers

This post gets a little more technical than the other resources I’ve listed. It’s brimming with data and answers the question “why influencer marketing?”

How Does Influencer Marketing Fit into Your Monthly Marketing Strategy?

I like this post because it’s thorough. It dissects and exemplifies all areas of branding that influencer marketing helps. There are some good tips in here on reaching out to and communicating with influencers.

How to Measure PR: A Case Study and Examples

The number one struggle that marketers are having with influencer marketing is how to measure it. Quantifying how well an earned post does can be tedious. Not to mention calculating ROI and using data to show your team or client whether or not influencer marketing is paying off.

This approach to measuring influencer marketing on SpinSucks is my favorite method of tackling this problem that I’ve seen.

Do you have a favorite influencer marketing resource? Please share with us!

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