The Power of Vlogging

Please tell me you’ve seen Candace Payne, The Laughing Chewbacca woman? I laughed until I cried! That video was an overnight sensation with nearly 160 million views at the time I am writing this, making it the most-watched live video of all time. She was genuine, authentic, and REAL in that video.

You see, video allows “regular” people to express themselves and their opinions with the ability to go viral. It’s opened up a huge marketing channel that has become an extremely powerful way to influence and engage with significant numbers of customers.

Video is an online marketing game changer. And vloggers are calling the shots. What is a vlog, you ask? Essentially it’s a video blog, and it’s a HOT online commodity. This shift in power—from the usual advertising and influencer platforms to those talking into a camera lens—is a big trend. They are changing the face of marketing, with many brands adopting vloggers for their cause.

Want proof? Check out the power of some of these vloggers. Many have thousands and even millions of followers, all of whom have similar interests and are of a similar demographic.

And it makes sense. Think about how millennials are getting their information right now: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. My 18-year-old watches streams of videos instead of reading through a newsfeed. My daughter watches YouTube instead of TV. In addition, our society wants to watch now, not read. That means brands need to be a part of the video revolution and consider working with vloggers.

Here are some other benefits of working with vloggers:


Vloggers are idolized by viewers. Some of these vloggers are stars in their followers’ eyes. A brand mention by a popular vlogger can be similar to a star endorsement—perhaps even better as it appears more authentic.


Vloggers are authorities in their chosen subject. Many vloggers focus on an area of expertise and establish authority on a given subject. This allows brands to have access to their target customers and clients like never before. Reviews and tutorials that promote your brand by these experts will gain attention.


Vloggers use multiple platforms. Many have their own blogs and use multiple social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, amplifying their reach.


Vloggers have thousands—and even millions—of followers. This gives brands an extremely large but targeted audience as these followers have similar interests and are often of a similar demographic.


Vloggers’ demographics continue to expand. At one time, most vloggers focused on beauty, cooking, parenting, or lifestyle. That is now expanding into other areas such as cars, home repair, health, finance, and travel.


Candace Payne had no intention of being a vlogger. But the fact is she now has influence with hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers and has appeared on radio and television—all from one short video that went viral. That’s the power of video.

Vloggers have taken that video power and harnessed it into their area of expertise with a targeted demographic. This shift in power is gaining momentum, and it’s smart for brands to hop on board.

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