The Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit and Why Marketers of All Industries Should Host Virtual Conferences

So I’m less than three weeks away from executing my third virtual conference!

I’m known for my mass amounts of content on how marketers and PR pros are doing blogger outreach. Lately I’ve also been writing and advising on the topic of hosting virtual conferences.

A virtual conference is pretty much any online event that gets taken a step above a webinar. Usually it includes three or more presenters.

I use virtual conferences as a lead generating tactic and networking tactic for GroupHigh. The leads and marketing connections pre-qualify themselves because attendees are showing an interest in learning about outreach marketing. Thus, this strategy has converted some new clients for GroupHigh and some best friends for me! I can’t say enough good things about hosting a virtual conference for marketing purposes!

Though virtual events are most popular in the B2B world, I am seeing them pop up more and more.

In fact, since I hosted our last conference in September, I’ve seen many brands and publishers host virtual conferences and report smashing success just like I did.

My favorite thing about the online conferences that I’ve hosted is that the presentations tend to be thought leadership presentations that are ahead of the curve and predict marketing trends before a lot of blog posts that I read.

Thus, I want to share what I’ve learned about virtual conferences as well as general digital marketing strategies that were predicted by the virtual conferences I’ve hosted before.

If you want to learn more about either one of these topics join me on April 28th

What is The Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit?

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This conference is our biggest event of the year as over two thousand people join us and 40 presenters give 15 minute webinar style presentations that stream all day.

Not only that but there are networking opportunities for marketers to chat with each other as well as ask our presenters questions. Most of the conversation takes place on Twitter via our hashtag, #outreachmarketing.

Our presenters are all thought leaders in the world of digital marketing and have been vetted for epic presentations which will include a lot of case studies and actionable blogger outreach and influencer marketing strategies!

Our last two conferences had a few elements in each one that predicted the next few months of marketing so I’m ecstatic to see what our presenters provide us for the one on April 28th!

The Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit Tells us About Trends

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends Covered

The upcoming summit is tackling current trends and strategies such as:

  • Where modern SEO strategy fits in with traditional PR and all of the changes Google keeps implementing
  • How marketing should be focused on humans connecting to other humans
  • Balancing many channels for a brand and weaving the messaging consistently across platforms
  • Real case studies on how brands are partnering with bloggers
  • How to create an influencer marketing strategy that elicits engagement
  • Building a network of brand advocates
  • And more!

Network from Your Couch?

This conference is great because it counts as a day of condensed education. Since we have so many short presentations in one day they tend to be super to the point in terms of case studies and strategy. We have a few universities and “marketers in training” tuning in for the day who will be building their marketing strategies off of topics thrown around at The Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit.

In addition to education, a lot of networking happens on Twitter during the conference. It is my favorite part because I got to see selfies of attendees tuning in FROM everywhere and answer and ask questions about digital marketing. Such a fun human to human experience!

summit tweet

Other Industries That are Hosting Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences have been a quick and rapidly growing marketing trend I’ve seen lately and I can say almost every industry is taking a stab!

If it’s applicable you should try to implement a virtual conference for your own brand. It’s great when you’re positioning yourself as a thought leader in any industry.

If you are B2C you can host a day of presentations that teach something that would appeal to your vertical of consumers. Some great examples I’ve seen:

  • Online fashion shows from fashion brands showing their consumers how to pair new items for the season and to showcase new trends
  • Traveler interviews. The travel niche gets the most engagement when brand work with segments of influencers. Of course it’s hard to nail down someone whose all over the globe so some brands will interview travelers for a day and stream them all day on their thoughts on packing, travel tips, safety, etc.
  • Mom day. A lot of brands we work with work with mom bloggers since they influence a bigger segment of buying power than any other segment. Showcasing influential moms and asking them to present on topics such as healthy living, recipes for kids with allergies, etc. is super popular as it gives other moms easy to digest content relevant to their world!
  • B2B brands do great with virtual events. This is the only vertical that has mastered the art of it. But using virtual conferences as a day of education to generate leads for one’s own brand is a tactic I can vouch for passionately.

Do you have any questions about The Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit or what I’ve learned from hosting virtual events? Please reach out to me directly or ask me anything in the comments!

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