The Key to Achieving a Balanced Blogger Outreach Campaign

The key to successful blogger outreach is remaining niche focused. So, what if when you locate bloggers for your next outreach campaign you focused more on niche than you did on numbers?
Capturing the attention of bloggers on all segments of the spectrum whose audience members have “opted in” to read about the niche they write about—the niche your brand falls in to—leads to a balanced and effective outreach campaign. Aka, reach out to the big bloggers, the medium bloggers and the little bloggers.
By making contextual choices, marketers and PR pros can establish relationships with a variety of blogger influencers in their realm while embracing the big bloggers and the baby bloggers who are all offering effective advice.


A Hypothetical Campaign

Many of us learn by example and more visually so here is my hypothetical campaign: I have decided to do a full spectrum blogger outreach campaign to promote my new organic vegan line of protein powder. My genres include health bloggers and fitness bloggers. To find bloggers by niche, from my genre pool, I narrowed down my bloggers by those who write about veganism as well as bloggers who do product reviews because I want my bloggers to actually try my protein powder.
Using GroupHigh, I started with a pool of 28,000 quality blogs in my genre and when I narrowed down by niche and whether or not a blogger does product reviews, I’m down to 1,500 blogs to check out.

The Big Blogger

Mega bloggers tend to be the top 20-30 bloggers in your niche. It’s harder to get on their radar but when you do, their mentions carries a lot of weight.
There is sure to be a handful of bloggers with high status and a ton of followers in every niche. Reaching out to them will surely benefit your brand as they have established their status for a reason and their words tend to reach far.
The area that I see brands missing the target when it comes to reaching out to the big bloggers is that they try to work with ones who aren’t exactly the right fit. They chase after numbers instead of really diving in to their buyer personas and determining which type of blogs their target audience follows.
Another thing worth noting when it comes to the big blogs is that compensation is going to be higher. Logical right? They worked hard to get where they are so look at it as putting a dollar in a machine and getting a five dollar bill back. If they really are a good fit and genuinely love your brand, a mention from a big blogger can do wonderful things.
Circling back to my hypothetical campaign here is an example of a “big blogger” that fits my niche.

Saved Blog Lists   GroupHigh (18)

The Mid-Level Blogger

Defining a mid-level blogger varies depending on industry. On average, a blogger with 2-5 thousand unique monthly visitors would be considered mid-level. Or a blogger who doesn’t make it in to the top 20-30 bloggers in a niche would be considered mid-level (again there is no way to apply this across all campaigns and industries).
The logic behind working with mid-level bloggers is that because of their smaller audience size, they can engage on a really personal level.
Another plus when it comes to including the mid-level blogger is that there are more of them than big bloggers so you can get on their radar a little easier.
When it comes to compensation, mid-level bloggers obviously don’t charge as much as the big bloggers but they still often require monetary compensation or free items from your brand. They put a lot of time in to curating their content and establishing loyalty and enjoy being recognized for it.
Here is a great example of what I would consider a mid-level blogger, based on their stats:

Saved Blog Lists   GroupHigh (19)

Don’t Forget the Little Guy

Keeping in mind that baby bloggers grow up to be big bloggers, reach out to the little bloggers who fall in to your niche.
As they grow, so will their mentions of your company and you will have established their loyalty by believing in them when they were small. Consider it an investment.
What are your thoughts on including mid-level and “baby bloggers” in your outreach campaigns? Would love to hear how it went in the comments below!


photo credit: © 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc

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