The impact of Latina ‘Mami’ Bloggers

With the abundance of writers entering the blogosphere, it’s hard not to notice their effect on consumer brands.  In the Hispanic market, mommy bloggers aka ‘mami’ bloggers are quickly becoming the next generation of journalists.  With an extraordinary buying power of $1.2 trillion, this demographic is not to be missed.

 Why are they important?

Latinas take the lead in purchasing within their households in the U.S. They are quickly becoming more educated and tech savvy and become more favorable for major brands and marketing agencies to push their product. Therefore, in making a purchase, the Latina community seeks out a trusted source for advice more so than paid advertising.

Latina mommy bloggers are seen as online consultants and their opinion is highly valued.  It mirrors the scenario of a friend asking another for product recommendations.  According to Pew Hispanic Center, 68 percent of Latino Internet users use Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites. As this number is surely to rise, the Hispanic public wants to get their money’s worth.  As a result, mami bloggers are the go-to advisor for product purchasing.

Not fully compensated for their time, it’s important to note the bloggers’ time is valuable and delivering an incentive is key.  Whether or not they’re being compensated for the product review, this information is disclosed along side their post. Providing a product for review is the way to garner publicity for a specific brand.  This unpaid media is an extra incentive to world of Public Relations. 

What do they blog about?

Topics can range from fashion, technology, beauty, entertainment, food, and the everyday adventures of being a parent. With the impact of social media, mami bloggers can easily transmit their message through multiple channels.

For instance, film studios partner with the Hispanic market for the release of films or digital launches.  This method can satisfy those clients looking to expand their non-traditional reach.  Targeting the right audience, entertainment companies leverage their connections with mami bloggers to expose their product to a wider audience.

Latina bloggers are ambicultural and are able to transition from English to Español.  They know the importance of connecting with both audiences.  At often times, using Spanglish is the norm and can easily connect with those who speak both languages at home.

What does the future look like? 

For marketers, they can only play closer attention to bloggers’ strong online presence. Hispanics are becoming more technology engaged.  It’s evident with Verizon launching Viva Movil – with celebrity tie-tin, Jennifer Lopez – which caters to the Hispanic Wireless consumer.

With an increase number of Latina blogger communities such as Latina Mom Bloggers, brands can only continue to target those influential bloggers to publicize their product and reach the multicultural consumer.

With print becoming more absolute – living in a digital world – there is a grand opportunity for brands to partner with reputable bloggers.   The Latina population is expected to represent 30 percent of the total population by 2060.  The Latina blogger community can only grow from here.

What specific vertical of bloggers do you target for your own brand? Did you know that GroupHigh can help you target any type of blogger you need in any location and who partakes in any post tactic? 

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