The Guest Posting Conundrum

Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you too have been or are caught up in the guest posting frenzy. After all, when done correctly, there can be many benefits. Who isn’t a fan of getting their business or blog out to new audiences? And then there is the link juice….

However, with the rumors going around about Google cracking down and penalizing those who partake in guest posting, is our time better spent on other forms of promotion?

While some are calling guest posting a cheap way to establish links and page rank, others are saying it’s the best way to increase traffic and promote your site. Well that makes things a little confusing doesn’t it?

Because of the polar extreme sources of credible information out there, we’ve found pros and cons concerning guest posting so that you can make an educated decision one way or the other.

Guest Posting Conondrum


-The bottom line is that right now, search engines are relying on link backs as a sign that your site is credible and they will rank pages higher as long as these links are legitimate.

-You are getting new eyes to something you write that promotes your site and or business.

-Guest posting is free marketing. You are getting words out to new people.

-You have control over what the article says about your product, site, etc. That’s pretty awesome.

-Guest posting is an organic way to increase traffic and SEO ranking.


-The mad dash to acquire guest post spots on other writers’ blogs has led to a massive amount of bad, generic and effortless content living in the cyber world.
-You have to make sure you are really confident of your guest post housing source because if they ever turn their site in to a link farm or sell link opportunities your site may be penalized later.

– Low quality guest posts may not make it through Google’s new always improving filters making your site at risk for penalty

– The tactic of building exposure and page ranking through guest post campaigns takes TIME. Some people just don’t have the luxury of extra hours in the week to keep up with outreach and post writing. In fact, Content Marketing Institute reported that 64% of content marketers claim that their biggest challenge is producing enough content.

-Some guest post enthusiasts are so thirsty for link juice that they post anywhere and everywhere making it difficult for those who want to spread legitimately good and useful content.

-Guest posting sprees cause some bloggers to ignore their own blog. And what happens is though they are getting click backs to their blog, viewers are less than impressed by its sparse content.

-Ideas tend to dry up as people attempt to put out 10+ guest posts a week pertaining to the subject they are an authority on. And yes, readers can tell when a post is generic and uninspired.


-Rumor has it that Google is cracking down on guest post links by targeting “low quality” guest posts.  This falls in to a grey area because though Google continues to impress us, we need to remember it’s not a human. So, while we want low quality guest posters to be targeted and stopped, how do we know that Google won’t mistake our legitimate post for a spammy one?

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