The Anatomy Of A Successful Influencer Outreach Email

The Anatomy Of A Successful Influencer Outreach EmailHaving worked “client side” for the past four years, I have grown accustomed to the people selling to me, rather than me selling to the people. This sales process often begins with an outreach email, introducing their product or service. While a select few of these emails served as the foundation to a successful business relationship, the vast majority had no hope from the start. They were generic, overly pushy, fear mongering, unclear in their benefit, or worst of all, automated. These relationships of course, went no further. I just cringe at the thought of people using these same approaches to their love lives.


So when we began to ramp up our influencer outreach program, and suddenly I found myself in a position of selling rather than buying, I vowed not to repeat the mistakes of those who ailed me. I tried to write the type of outreach email, that I would want written to me, an email that would pique my interest and prompt a response, an email that put me in their shoes.


While the emails I began to write were not especially magical in their writing or composition, they were however generating a great response. In some cases up to 90% of bloggers replied to my outreach. Why were they performing so well I asked? To find out, I sharpened my scalpel and set out to dissect one of my recent outreach emails and identify the anatomical elements that allowed it to thrive. The results of this dissection are below.


This is by no means a definitive template for success, or a model to be carbon copied. It is simply a set of personal observations that aims to explain why bloggers have been so responsive in our requests to partner with them. As you will see, it is not so much rocket science as it is common sense.


Now get your lab coats on friends, let’s get in there.




Subject: Loved your 32 winter workouts article!  P.S Go Bears!


Hi Joline, hope you are well and Happy New Year!


Sam here from Lorna Jane, the Australian activewear brand new to the USA. I just wanted to say that I love your blog and really enjoyed reading your “32 amazing winter workouts” article. I will definitely be putting it to personal use. Seeing as you workout so often, I’d love to send some Lorna Jane outfits your way for an upcoming fit fashion feature on your blog . With the New Year upon us, I think it could be a really great fit.  


In case you are hearing our name for the first time, we are Australia’s number one activewear brand, now with 23 stores open in California and soon to open in Texas. You can learn more about us here, or on our blog, which has 70,000 subscribers and 250,000 monthly visits.


Lorna Jane will be opening stores in Texas this year, and I wanted to reach out to ask if you’d like to be among the first in the state to review/feature some of our latest active styles on your blog.


I think there are some great ways we could collaborate together in 2014 . We are looking to initiate a formal ambassador program this year, but as a start, I’d love for you to pick a few Lorna Jane styles of your choice from and I will send them out your way. Just let me know your size and best mailing address[frame src=”IMAGE_SRC” width=”IMAGE_WIDTH” height=”IMAGE_HEIGHT” lightbox=”on” title=”IMAGE_TITLE” align=”left” ]  


Really looking forward to collaborating with you, 




Sam Zivot

Head Of Digital

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