The 5 Most Common Blogger Outreach Questions Answered

How do I know if a blogger wants to work with my brand?

Blogger approachability has been a hot topic lately.

Some bloggers love to work with brands while others ignore a pitch or even publicize a bad pitch. (Let’s be fair, there are some really bad pitches out there and it’s funny)

Luckily there a few “clues” that we can look for before reaching out to bloggers that let us know whether or not they are going to be receptive to a pitch.

After all, response rates are so much better when you send a blogger a personalized pitch so you want to send these well-crafted pitches to bloggers who are going to be receptive in the first place, right?

  • Has the blogger previously taken part in the tactic you are pitching to them? Bloggers usually label their guest posts as such and are legally obligated to disclose whether or not they took payment for a post (sponsored post) or accepted a free product from a brand and wrote about it (product review).
  •  Does the blogger fall in the same niche as your brand or product as opposed to just genre? Unlike a traditional journalists, bloggers are niche based and their audience comes to them to read about a very specific topic.

Do all bloggers require payment for posts?

No, not all bloggers require payment for posts.

Bloggers fall all over the spectrum on this one. Some require payment to be able to keep up with their well curated blog and audience, others don’t accept payment because they don’t want their opinion to appear to be swayed while others are receptive to a free item from a brand or exclusive information.

How many bloggers should I reach out to?

Like with most areas of blogger outreach, this one doesn’t have a specific answer.

But, as long as you’re personalizing your pitches and reaching out to bloggers by niche a safe number can be anything from 20 to 100. Anything over 100 can be a little “much” as it takes a lot of time to maintain blogger relationships.

Is it okay to email a blogger again if I don’t hear back?

Personally I think one follow up email still falls in the realm of tactful but anything more than that is a little annoying.

Another thing to consider is reaching out to bloggers across channels. Since pitches can genuinely get lost in the spam box, try tweeting at the blogger that you emailed them or make contact with them via the comments section in their blog. Get creative and feel free to put personality in your outreach communication!

How do I know if blogger outreach worked for my campaign?

Before the juicy brand mentions start coming in make sure you have an organized system in place to monitor for those mentions and track the success of those mentions.

From free to paid for, there are plenty of tools out there so that you don’t miss another brand mentions. Google alerts and talkwalker are some popular free ones. If you’re a GroupHigh user, you can set up a monitor to let you know when the bloggers you reached out to mention the brand, product or service you reached out to them for.

Once you’ve scored and found your mention make sure you track things like comment counts (engagement), social media shares, traffic back to your site and other metrics that you’ve defined as crucial for your campaign.

Do you have any blogger outreach questions? Ask the question in the comments below and I’d be happy to answer it for you!

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