The 3 Building Blocks of Successful Outreach Marketing

Picture your outreach marketing strategy as one giant structure that has three foundational elements that work together to support the brand and image as a whole. If you need more imagery than that, think tripod stand! Or a three legged cow!

Now, think about how these three legs or building blocks are strong in their own element but work together to support the overall structure.

When picturing outreach marketing as a three legged structure it stands on these things: social media image, content creation and influencer relationships.

In order to make sure you keep each structure strong, trends, tactics, case studies and more involving these pieces of digital marketing need to be followed and monitored closely.

Luckily for you, I’ve got you covered.

As you know, GroupHigh is hosting an all-day online conference on April 28th and it tackles each of the three crucial pieces of outreach marketing.

While segmenting the 51 webinar style presentations in to three different conference rooms I had to look for bigger picture themes in which to group each idea.

I had expected this to me more like a chess game and was intrigued that right away the three building blocks of outreach marketing stood out in which to segment the presentations. So obviously, I had to share!

What I love most about the upcoming conference is that in one day marketers of all levels can learn and develop their entire outreach marketing strategy. Makes me a little bummed I actually spent four years in college when I’ve learned more from these virtual conferences…

Social media image

This encompasses building a brand socially and consistently. It’s easiest to work on all social channels at once, at least in the beginning to ensure your messaging is the same throughout.

Favorite resource for social media image: Social Media Examiner

Content creation

All of your content needs to engage your buyers, answer questions and act as a resource for them in all stages of the buying process. It’s your job then to strategically place content on the right platforms and channels.

The content you create gives your brand a personality and the influencers give your brand a voice. Your job is to connect the dots.

Favorite resource for content creating help: Content Marketing Institute

Influencer relationships

These are the people who can reach the consumers that your brand just can’t. Influencers have authentic values and opinions and consumers trust them and their mentions elicit more action over any other type of marketing your brand may implement.

Influencer relationships are developed and strategized after the first two structures are in place. Without a social image and content to share, your influencers have nothing to tell their network about your brand!

Favorite resource for influencer marketing: Spin Sucks

Need to connect the marketing dots and strengthen and weave together different parts of your outreach strategy? Make sure you join me at The Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit on April 28th to ensure you’re not left behind!


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