Where are Your Super Influencers Hiding?

Did you know that some of your most powerful influencers are sitting under the same roof as you! Your fellow employees can give your brand a voice and open you up to a whole new network of consumers….

A big component of outreach marketing is being aware of everyone in the sphere that revolves around your brand. This includes influencers, bloggers, offline people who love you, digital brand advocates and your employees.

Bringing your employees from a level in which they love working for you to a state where they advocate for your brand/their company can open the eyes of new people to your brand.

When employees talk about their company in a sincere and authentic manner to their followers it gives your company a more personal voice and access to an untapped network of potential consumers.

Check out these juicy stats that social chorus as put together in this awesome infographic!




If you want to learn more about employee advocacy and other cutting edge digital and marketing tactics, check out the outreach marketing summit!

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