Influencer Spotlight! Back-To-School Influencers

With Back-to-School season underway we’re focusing on influencers who speak about getting ready for school. These spotlighted content creators speak about topics ranging from the best supplies for your backpack, classroom, dorm room and personal style. These back-to-school influencers we’re featuring engage with their audience on curriculum ideas giving advise on how to keep focused and learning fun.


Catherine Goetze
Stanford, California, United States

Total Reach: 38.9K  MozRank: 4.71  Alexa Global Rank: 1.1M

Blog Topics: College Life, Perspective, Stanford, Easy Reads
Tactics: Guest Posts
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OutletURL or HandleFollower Count# of PostsAvg. Engagement Per Post
Blogcathincollege.com6.9K UMV3187

Social Audience Demographics                                 Outlets Mentioned On:
Average Age: 23 years old                                          Pulse Magazine
Dominant Gender: 71% Women                                  Medium: Stanford Magazine
Top Countries: UK, US, Australia, Canada,
Top Cities: Chicago, Stanford, New York, Los Angeles


Angela Watson
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Total Reach: 325.8K  MozRank: 5.26  Alexa Global Rank: 101.2K

Blog Topics: Education Trends, Teaching Tips, Mindset & Motivation
Tactics: Sponsored Posts, Guest Posts, Product Reviews
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OutletURL or HandleFollower Count# of PostsAvg. Engagement Per Post
Blogthecornerstoneforteachers.com110.2K UMV27894

Social Audience Demographics                                         Contributed/Mentioned On:
Average Age: 30 years old                                                  Kids Nation
Dominant Gender: 70% Women                                         House of #EdTech
Top Countries: US, Canada, UK, Australia
Top Cities: New York, London, Chicago, San Francisco


Kim Vij
Gainesville, Florida, United States

Total Reach: 1.6M  MozRank: 5.38  Alexa Global Rank: 938.4K

Blog Topics: Preschool, Grade School, Reading, Math, Science
Tactics: Sponsored Posts, Product Reviews
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OutletURL or HandleFollower Count# of PostsAvg. Engagement Per Post
Blogtheeducatorsspinonit.com12.4K UMV35116

Social Audience Demographics                                          Outlets Contributed On:
Average Age: 30 years old                                                   B-Inspired Mama
Dominant Gender: 81% Women                                           Steve Spangler Science
Top Countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia
Top Cities: New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando


Ashley Mullen
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Total Reach: 12.3K  MozRank:4.39  Alexa Global Rank: 600.4K

Blog Topics: Homeschool, Kids Activities, Recipe Box
Affiliate & AD Networks: BlogHer, SkimLinks
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OutletURL or HandleFollower Count# of PostsAvg. Engagement Per Post
Blogforgetfulmomma.com1K UMV17452

Social Audience Demographics                                     Outlets Contributed On:
Average Age: 28 years old                                              Thinking Outside The Sandbox
Dominant Gender: 91% Women                                      ParentLife Network
Top Countries: US, Canada, UK, Australia                      One Smiley Monkey
Top Cities: New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto


Trisha Novotny
Gig Harbor, Washington, United States

Total Reach: 757.6M  MozRank: 5.14  Alexa Global Rank: 1M

Blog Topics: Free Printables, Mom Tips, Parenting, Education
Tactics: Amazon Associates
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OutletURL or HandleFollower Count# of PostsAvg. Engagement Per Post
Blog247moms.com4.3K UMV1.9K12

Social Audience Demographics                                         Outlets Contributed On:
Average Age: 29 years old                                                   News 12
Dominant Gender: 77% Women                                          SC Johnson
Top Countries: US, Canada, UK, Australia                           Healthy Eating Org
Top Cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto

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