How to Spice Up Your Blogger Outreach Strategy Now

Whether it’s food, relationships or outreach marketing—things are just better with a little spiciness or a touch of that “something something.”

Blogger outreach provides awesome brand lift and I see so many brands and organizations doing it well and also a handful of them doing it “meh.” This post is for anyone who worries their blogger outreach strategy is mediocre or could use some pizazz.

Whenever I talk to a client who does an awesome blogger outreach project or a read a case study on a fabulous campaign—those marketers are always adding an extra element to their strategy. Call it a creative flair, the extra mile, a well thought out plan or my favorite—“something something”—an extra layer is crucial to an awesome blogger outreach strategy.

What do I mean?

Well, a lot of marketers reach out to bloggers and offer them a product to review or sponsor a post. These are all fine. But, we’re marketers and we know that “fine” doesn’t cut through all of the digital noise as well as awesome does.

Awesome strategies that stop consumers in their seats or makes them take action as opposed to causing simple brand awareness take their blogger outreach a little further. They give the blogger an experience to capture as opposed to a product to regurgitate information about.

To be the example I’m talking about, with this post, I am providing you examples of awesome campaigns to show you what I mean so you can experience blogger outreach at it’s finest.

Are You Creating an Infographic?

Great idea, create something that spotlights the bloggers and something that their audience would use as a resource.

Mark Fidelman did an exemplary campaign for Eyefi with an awesome infographic and I got to interview him and he shared some of his secrets to success in this post.

Do You Want Bloggers to Create Visually Driven Posts?

Who doesn’t like to look at pretty things between blocks of texts?

By equipping your bloggers with high res images, activities to partake in, or product they can photograph themselves using the posts you earn will contain more depth.

Thus, before reaching out always ask yourself—what can I provide the bloggers with that will make them want to add visual assets to their posts?

I love the campaign Wendy’s did to announce their new Frosty by having the bloggers they worked with photograph themselves enjoying a nostalgic moment with the creamy dessert.

Do You Need Bloggers to Write About a Restaurant or Retail Location?

I’m a huge fan of blogger events when applicable.

Restaurants and clothing stores have the luxury of finding local bloggers and not only having them visit their retail location but they can also host a blogger event.

A blogger event is catered toward the bloggers not the brand itself. Meaning, it’s full of activities and products that bloggers want to experience. This can add so many extra juicy layers to a blog post.

From interacting with the staff, a variety of food, being in an environment with other bloggers and part of something bigger than a trip to a store—the blogger has more fun which means they write better posts!

Red Lobster hosted a cool blogger event to announce their new menu and this retail store is a great example to model your blogger events after.

Have You Considered Co-Campaigning For Maximum Effectiveness?

By teaming up with another brand that compliments yours, you can reach more people, split marketing expenses and create awesome blogger experiences.

My favorite example is when Daily Cocktail’s teamed up with Wholly Guacamole to collaborate with bloggers to show off how perfect their products are for people hosting parties. Definitely check out this post and see if this is something you can implement for your company!

Do You Want Bloggers to Talk About You on an Ongoing Basis?

Building a network of bloggers as opposed to running a traditional campaign can definitely give your strategy that “something something.” Sure, it takes more time but when bloggers talk about you more than once, their audience trusts that the blogger stands behind their brand recommendation.

My go-to example of creating a network of bloggers is Char-Broil. They rock this strategy and you can read all about it in this post.

Do You Want to Work With Bloggers for a Good Cause?

Collaborating with bloggers is a fantastic way to spread a good message. Whether you’re trying to pass a bill or spread awareness about your nonprofit organization, just make sure you find a way to help the bloggers spread your message in an interesting manner.

Check out how this organization worked with bloggers to pass a dyslexia bill in Tennessee and this post on how Give Kids the World hosted an awesome blogger event.

Most Importantly, Do You Want Bloggers to Have Fun While Interacting With Your Brand?

Don’t be afraid to implement a quirky idea or think and act outside the box. I love this example of Ariel Stain Remover sending bloggers brand name clothing that was so covered in stains that the blogger had to use the laundry detergent to unveil their awesome new outfits.

Do you have an example of a company implementing spicy blogger outreach? Please share and let’s collaborate!

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