Recent Research Reveals Secret Formula to Epic Influencer Outreach

In the past few weeks, two studies on influencer marketing were published revealing some insightful and key components to successful outreach.

Taking the commonalities and working them in to a formula can yield to epic influencer outreach for all verticals of brands.

The following publications are the ones I reference:

2014 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report from Burst Media

This Influencer Marketing Study from Tomoson

I’m not a fan of fluff so let’s dive right in and take a look at the components to this formula I love!


When building a list of influencers to work with, the more targeted the better the results.

By targeted, I mean that marketers are applying contextual and numerical qualifiers to vet influencers and are not hesitating to hold them to very specific criteria.

The goal is to find a perfect fit and focus on the number of people reached through an influencer not the number of influencers worked with in the first place. I’ve seen epic results from campaigns teaming up with as little as three influencers for a project.

Throw Away the Easy Button

One of the key things marketers are grasping is that influencer outreach, done well, is a blend of data curation and human vetting.

Thus getting rid of the idea that you can push a button and instantly find the perfect influencers for a project is a great place to start.

Since less influencers can truly lead to more brand lift, monitoring engagement, reading through content, pulling data and more vetting standards are time consuming but worth it.

Technology to Curate Data

Social following, blog traffic, popular post topics and other data points are important filters that marketers pass influencers through before adding them to a campaign or network.

Researching data for influencers can be done manually but is super time consuming. So influencer identification tools are definitely a logical partner to human eyes when pulling lists.

GroupHigh is the leading tool for pulling blogger data while Followerwonk paves the way for Twitter outreach and there are many others to choose from so do your research!

Human Vetting for Editorial Standards

Once marketers understand that every influencer needs to be monitored and thoroughly read with human eyes, marketers can allot a certain amount of time for vetting lists of influencers with human eyes after they pull a list with their choice of outreach tool.

Blogs Are Voted Most Effective

When marketers were asked to rate their most effective platform, blogs were number one.

Blogger outreach is a niche within influencer marketing in which agencies and marketers in brands specialize in.

most effective platforms

Giveaways to Engage

When influencer outreach strategies have a component that engages the influencer’s audience directly—engagement rates go through the roof.

Working with an influencer to host a giveaway on their blog or sweepstakes on their Facebook is gold.

Food and Fashion Are Making Bank

Burst Media displayed the results of their influencer marketing campaigns for 2014 by industry. This awesome graph shows that food and fashion industries are well above industry average when it comes to earned media value.

At the end of the day brands are earning $6.50 for every $1.00 they invest in influencer marketing

If you average out what marketers are reporting as the eared media value for every dollar spent, the average brand is earning $6.50. That is incredible.

earned media value

So the Secret Formula…

Outreach tool + human eyes + niche targets + bloggers + giveaways = Epic brand lift

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Simple enough? Let me know if you have any questions about influencer marketing or want to weigh in!


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Love that giveaways are given credit here! I have seen fantastic results with giveaways and it surprises me that brands are not always in tune with this blockbuster idea!

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