Quick and Easy Tips for Pitching A Content Creator

One of the most important components of building any human relationship is making a good first impression. Content creators are real people with human readerships, and we know that the power of authentic word of mouth promotion carries incredible value.

Reaching out to influencers for the first time can be an intimidating early step, and lack of personalization can ruin a great pitch. Below I offer a handful of actionable tips anyone can use for their outreach.

Send an Individual Email and Address the Content Creator by their first name.  

Make sure you’re not spamming. Influencers can smell out mass emails and don’t want to see a “Hello Sir/Ma’am.”

Introduce Yourself.

You don’t need to tell them your entire life story, but it’s important to tell them about yourself, brand, and goals for the relationship. It’s also helpful to hyperlink all necessary information.

Personalize. Personalize. Personalize.  

Reference a post or a piece of content that the influencer produced that makes relevant what you’re asking for in terms of a brand or campaign relationship.

Make it Mutually Beneficial.

Be clear early on about how the campaign or brand partnership will benefit the influencer and their audience.

Craft a Catchy Subject Line

Many content creators are inundated with pitches each day. It’s important to cut through the noise and be noticeable in someone’s inbox by coming up with a clever subject line.


If you have any other hacks, or would like some real pitch examples let us know!

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