When brands have a new product to talk about, which for many is all the time, influential blogger relationships are taking the cake when it comes to what works.

The Network Effect

At GroupHigh, we advocate for a network building approach to influencer marketing as opposed to the traditional campaign approach.

Having a network of marketing relationships that get nurtured and fostered throughout the year are the perfect springboard on which to announce and launch new products from your brand.

The bloggers who are part of the brand feel communicated with and are showing an authentic brand connection.

Key takeaway, plan ahead.

Industry Examples

The amount of brands working with bloggers for product launches is ginormous. So here are a handful of examples I curated that marketers can build from.


It’s hard to find a fashion brand that doesn’t do blogger outreach in some form.

Most often, fashion brands team up with bloggers and social influencers who specialize in visually driven content to announce all of their new seasonal clothing lines.

Usually an influencer gets early access to the fall catalog, for example, so that they can pick out with they like and start posting in conjunction with the clothing launch.

Natural Foods

The natural foods industry is all about blogger outreach as part of their influencer marketing strategy.

This post is shareworthy because it’s from the blogger perspective.

La Croix (natural soda brand) reached out to health and fitness bloggers to launch their new drink.

Craft/Hobby Brands

GroupHigh has partnered with a ton of brands that appeal to the DIY and craft industry from Michaels to Joann Fabrics to Minted.

We’ve noticed that a lot of our brands announce new products through their network of bloggers. Often sending the blogger the item before it’s launched in stores so that they can work it into a cool craft post and share with their network.

Once the product is ready to be launched the buzz is there thanks to the bloggers.

5 Steps to Partnering With Bloggers to Launch a New Product

  1. Identify bloggers who have written about a niche that fits with your brand by searching through past posts. Make a list of the title of the post that you liked, the bloggers name and their email address.
  2. Brainstorm with your team (or if you’re a small company just your notebook) and think of creative ways that bloggers can showcase your new product. Remember that the blogger’s audience is who you are trying to interest so think of cool blog posts that they would like. This involves thinking past just the blogger. Pick your favorite idea.
  3. Create a hashtag for your product launch. Just like a blogger outreach email, keep it short sweet and to the point.
  4. Email the bloggers on your list. Personalize your pitch and give them all of the necessary information and details.
  5. Follow up your emails with a tweet to your bloggers and get ready to interact with your bloggers and form a relationship!

Have you seen any creative launch campaigns recently? Do share!