Picking & Choosing: Why Quality Comes First in the Influencer World

As the influencer marketing world grows, along with it come new rules of engagement. One of the latest developments is the fear of over-saturation of sponsorships. A blog with too many paid posts turns consumers off in a big way. In an Inception-style scenario, consumers are realizing that a sponsored post may influence the very influencers who are influencing them!

As a result, bloggers and influencers are feeling the pain through hateful comments, negative reviews, and lost viewership. Whoa. That’s the last thing you want to happen to your influencers.

So how do you support your influencers without overusing them? Be picky about the influencers you work with, and select your moments for marketing to them. Here’s how.

Target Your Influencers

The way influencers become influencers is by paving their own path. They find a niche in their industry of choice, whether that be travel, beauty, food, business, or another category, and they create an identity that stands out from the crowd. Every influencer has their own identity—the way they connect with their readers and viewers in a way that no one else can do. Your job?

  • Identify the specialties of your influencers.
  • Hone your marketing points to the niches of those influencers.
  • Keep track of previous marketing campaigns pitched to all of your influencers so you aren’t double dipping or being repetitive.
  • Really get to know your influencers by reading their posts, their user comments, and their guest posts. Use this information to help develop a marketing approach that best suits their needs at the current time. Influencers evolve. Evolve with them.

Quality in Your Campaigns

Influencers, whether they are bloggers, vloggers, magazine writers, or social media gurus, don’t get into the game simply to be a channel for marketers. Their primary concern has to be the best interest of their audience. Their honesty, authenticity, and originality set them apart from sellout types, and this is what led them to become influencers in their niche. As Kissmetrics points out, “An influencer is the mutual friend connecting your brand with your target consumers.” Note the mutual friend part. That’s key here.

If your influencers are losing their audience, or even receiving hate mail, because their followers perceive them as sellouts, well, then all of their efforts—and yours—are thrown out the window. This is why influencers are getting more picky regarding the sponsorships they support.

This also means it’ll cost you more to get your marketing campaign carried by an influencer. Remember what we said about targeting your influencers? Now is when you carefully consider the projects you work with each of them on. A simple sponsored post may not have the impact it used to. Brands have been known to foot the bill for all-expenses paid trips for travel bloggers, or long weekends learning how to bottle wine for food bloggers. Think carefully and creatively about projects you submit for your influencers’ approval to make sure they are having the impact both you and your influencer want.

Do you have any tips when it comes to picking the right influencers? Weigh in, we’d love to hear from you!

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