What Personality Type is your Brand?

As marketers, we spend a ton of time investigating the personality types of our target and current consumers. I’ve noticed a lack of focus on one’s own brand personality type.

A brand personality type can be anything from eco-conscious to a source for education to trendy. This vibe and human part of a brand is the first thing that consumers connect to. Therefore, in order to promote your initiatives as effectively as possible, a clear message needs to be defined and then emphasized with the influencers you choose to work with.

The following five components will not only help you hone in on the personality type of your brand but also help you tailor your marketing initiatives effectively.

Narrow your brand’s values and message

Think about your current consumers. What makes them connect with your brand and choose you to begin with?

What problem does your brand aim to solve?

Think about the bigger picture messages promoted within your brand and office that are aside from your product. For example, I work at a Boulder software company. We embrace the Boulder scene by checking out the breweries for happy hour, going hiking as a company and staying active in our community. Part of this bleeds through to our brand’s personality because we connect with consumers via our human side on Instagram and Facebook.

Market your personality not your products

Consumers are overwhelmed and numbed by digital messaging coming at them everywhere they go.

We’ve reached a breaking point where we all are just craving human connection and interaction.

When brands focus on authenticity, personality and connecting with their audience—they elicit more brand engagement.

For example, Dove has always marketed with authentic women, the empowerment of girls and “true beauty” before they market their actual products. When you think of Dove, you usually think of their personality and down to earth image they’ve created instead of a bar of soap…

Weave a cohesive message through all of your outlets

Once you’ve determined a personality and overall messaging for your brand it’s easier to create a streamlined approach to marketing your brand across all digital and non-digital platforms. In fact, weaving in messaging across channels is one of the biggest challenges marketers reported facing last year.

One of the biggest things consumers look for is consistent messaging across all social channels, from influencers and from the brand itself. With a better understanding of “self”—this part is no longer a challenge.

Power in person events

One of the predominant ways brands perpetuate and show off their unique personalities is by organizing in person events with influencers.

This can include blogger dinners at restaurants to weekend get-a-ways for influential YouTubers. In person events can be spa days for beauty Facebook influencers to retail parties for mom bloggers. The emphasis is always on the influencer and their network not the brand itself. As a result, an in-person event allows for more personalized earned media. It’s that “extra” element that speaks to consumers and makes your brand look human.

Identify the right people to partner with to power your online message

Once your message is honed in on, targeted and memorized by everyone in your company—work with the right “middle-men” to spread your message.

The most effective way for marketers to target the right influencers is to get everyone in the company involved to weigh in on buyer behavior. This worksheet is a perfect resource to distribute to all client facing co-workers and to help marketers identify the perfect influencers to target to spread your brand’s personality and message!

What are your tips when it comes to narrowing down on your brand’s personality!?

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