Influencer Marketing Tips from The Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit

GroupHigh’s Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit was another great success, with several leading experts in influencer marketing sharing their practical advice and guidance to marketers across the globe. There were plenty of fantastic highlights from the all day summit, so I am sharing my key takeaways from some of the featured speakers as well as the accompanying resources, which you can implement in your own influencer marketing campaigns.

Facebook group for influencers: Remember in school when you were invited to the secret after school club by the cool kids? Recreate that feeling of exclusivity with a special Facebook group for your influencers where you can cultivate a community and engage with them in a friendly place. You can also use this platform to share content and shout-out your favourite influencers for their participation in a campaign.

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Check in regularly: Effective relationship building with influencers means keeping in regular contact, even in between campaigns. You could send them influencer newsletters about upcoming campaigns as well as sending greeting cards and complimentary gifts when they celebrate milestones like birthdays, marriages or births. Its also a no brainer to ensure you pay attention to their blogs and social profiles so you’re engaged with what they’re up to.

@JessicaNTurner, The Mom Creative

Give before you ask: Ensure you heed the advice of bloggers and influencers by cultivating a lasting relationship ahead of any campaign. You could do this by actively sharing their content, engaging regularly with them on social and sending personalised introductory emails. After their participation in a campaign, a follow up email is essential to thank them for their time and share the success of the campaign due to their participation. Make things easy for them to continue sharing by including pre-written social posts, shareable images, links and assets so they will keep talking about the campaign long after it’s over.

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Perfect your outreach emails: Blogger outreach can be a prickly subject, but it doesn’t have to be a long and painful process if you start by crafting the perfect pitch email. An example of a great pitch email is one with no demands, that simply invites influencers to try your brand’s product or service. Make sure you spend just as much time on the subject line as you do the email content, as that can often make or break your pitch email. Some great keywords for an irresistible subject line are ‘opportunity, partner, invite and sponsored’, so bear those in mind when doing blogger outreach. If you have a small budget, consider sending a complimentary gift with a personalised note to key influencers ahead of a press release or pitch email; everyone loves a surprise after all.

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Encourage influencer buy in: By engaging your influencers from the offset you can quickly gain their buy in and even encourage them to provide their own ideas for your campaign. If they feel engaged with your campaign at the ideation stage, they are much more likely to participate in the entire campaign and subsequently publish your content. You could be creative with the rewards you provide to certain influencers too; perhaps make a donation to a charity on behalf of a corporate influencer or arrange a glitzy press interview with a celebrity influencer. Whatever you decide to do, provide an incentive that’s tailored to their interests.

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Content collaboration: Co-creation with influencers is much more likely to garner links than simply sending out content en-masse and hoping for the best. There are lots of content ideas where an influencer can collaborate with your brand such as product reviews, video tutorials, testimonials, co-hosted Twitter chats, guest posts and white papers. Ensure you give them plenty of notice ahead of any content marketing campaign so they can schedule it into their editorial calendar accordingly.

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Non-monetary rewards for B2B influencers: Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be limited to B2C brands. There are plenty of creative ways B2B brands can reward influencers who participate in their campaigns. This fantastic advocacy e-book by Influitive features several case studies of how corporate businesses engage their influencers to drive leads and sales. Instead of financial compensation, B2B influencers can be rewarded with promotional merchandise, VIP invites to networking events, breakfast with the CEO, speaking engagements opportunities, starring roles in ad campaigns, guest blogging opportunities, social media promotion, featured articles about their business and opportunities to contribute to thought leadership content.

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Define the metrics for your influencer marketing campaigns: Like with any digital campaign, an influencer marketing campaign should have clearly defined objectives and KPI’s by which you can measure whether you’ve met the targets set. If the campaign is about the launch of an influencer led e-book, metrics you may wish to report on could include number of downloads, social mentions, referrals and most importantly leads. It is imperative that you monitor the ROI of any influencer campaign to determine its value compared to an advertising campaign.

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If you missed the summit, register online to watch all the videos on demand and be sure to check out the accompanying resources featuring useful e-books and case studies of influencer marketing success stories. Feel free to share your own highlights from the summit as well as influencer marketing tips that have worked for your brand or clients using the #outreachmarketing hashtag.


letitiahLetitiah Obiri is an experienced and seasoned content marketer and copywriter, who has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands including Tesco, Hiscox, Three Mobile, TK Maxx and Littlewoods. To see content marketing campaigns she’s managed for clients, check out her portfolio  and follow her @TheDigitalChic for musings on content, digital, social, freelancing, start-ups and small business.

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