Outreach Marketing to Improve Public Policy

Would you rather promote the TN House Bill 1735 or the Dyslexia is Real bill?

This is the question Chester Goad and The Tennessee Dyslexia Legislative Alliance took in to consideration before executing an outreach marketing campaign which eventually passed the Dyslexia is Real Bill through senate.

To spread awareness of the bill that would help students with dyslexia and the teachers who teach them, TDLA launched a grassroots public awareness campaign via social media rationalizing that it was the best way to rally a lot of people all over Tennessee.

Whether you are considering outreach marketing for social change or to promote a business or product, I think there are some great takeaways from this example that you can apply to any campaign.

How to Get People on Board

Before promoting and spreading your message, you first need to plan ahead and move forward with a goal in your back pocket.

Supporters of the Dyslexia is Real Bill of course needed an organized place to communicate and recruit more supporters and campaigners.

Thus they used private Facebook groups to rally people, launch campaigns and communicate.

Plan ahead and make sure that you have all of your social media bases covered and a solid game plan before starting your outreach process by having in place:

  • Create a hashtag
  • Organize a Facebook group
  • Reach out to people with the same passion and affinity
  • Get creative with messaging

Once a plan was put in place and all of the initial bases were covered then the TDLA was ready to ask their supporters to create memes and posts always using the #dyslexiaisreal hash tag and messaging in hopes that the message would spread.

Locating Passion

As you know, any good outreach marketing campaign is full of influencers who are passionate for a cause, product or business.

Sometimes passionate people are hard to find as they can’t easily be Googled for and this process requires a human touch and eyes on each potential influencer.

Passion can be found as a result of influencers that you already have in place spreading awareness. Or you can search for bloggers and social influencers based on a specific contextually affinity and then make sure they genuinely like your cause or product that you are promoting.

It took the TDLA months to locate enough passionate people for their cause. Most started trickling in from Twitter and Facebook via word of mouth after seeing other advocates memes and posts.

Of course parents and teachers of kids with dyslexia were a natural fit and are just passionate about the cause by default so the passion just had to spread in an organized fashion and create a sort of snowball effect inflicting passion to others.


The Results

Besides helping the bill to be passed, the TDLA got noticed all over the country and many groups with similar missions began to mimic what they were doing. Especially humanizing the name of a bill instead of calling it by its legal jargon name.

They also scored a handful of TV and newspaper interviews.

What a fantastic example that outreach marketing can not only influence people for marketing certain products or businesses but for social change as well. Cool!

Were you part of a neat outreach marketing project? Please do share in the comments below!


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