Our 5 Favorite Influencer Marketing Ebooks

I love a good ebook. Especially when I need to be inspired or reminded of why influencer marketing is so powerful.

So I put together this list of my 5 recent favorite ebooks that aid in influencer marketing strategies.

Whether you feel new to influencer marketing or seasoned, there is something on this list for all marketers.

gen cMeet Generaction C, Your New Connected Costumers

This ebook is from one of our favorites, Brian Solis, and tackles the value and strategy when it comes to engaging with consumers instead of marketing at them. Focusing on “Gen C,” this ebook acts as a guide to reaching consumers who are more seasoned in digital media than any consumers we’ve ever marketed to. My favorite part is how to get rid of the “us vs. them” mentality a lot of marketers have.

influence nowInfluence Now 2015

This ebook is a compilation of expert advice. Spanning 65 pages, this modern guide to influencer marketing tackles how to identify and engage with the right influencers so they can in turn engage with consumers in the name of your brand.

hubThe Content Marketer’s Guide to Influencer Marketing¬†

3% of influential individuals generate 90% of online impact. Not surprising and neither is the need to build mutually beneficial relationships with the content creators in your niche. This guide equips you with all you need to know!

content inc6 Steps to Building a Content Inc. Empire

Content marketing is the backbone of influencer marketing for many companies and this ebook is one of my favorites for marketers who are a little newer to the world of content marketing. This is especially great for new brands who are still trying to build their image.

dangers-of-not-owning-marketing-relationshpsThe Dangers of Not Owning Your Marketing Relationships

A topic that I think makes or breaks great marketing is whether or not a brand owns their strongest influencer relationships in house and fosters a network of those important voices.



Do you have a favorite ebook in influencer marketing to share!? Let us know on Twitter @grouphigh and share in the comments below. 


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