I love a good research report and being able to put actual numbers to the type of marketing that I advocate for. That’s why I have to share my new favorite influencer marketing research report.

In their latest report, RhythmOne takes a deeper dive into what makes these campaigns so effective. The facts speak for themselves.  Influencer Marketing has 3X the ROI of traditional marketing with 62% lower cost.  In their Full Year 2015 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report, RhythmOne reveals the key insights in the areas of branded content execution, earned media value, social action rate, consumer engagement, and more.  Here are some highlights from the report:


  • On average, Influencer Marketing programs delivered an influencer engagement rate (total engagements/total exposure) of 1.50%


  • Overall, Instagram was the best performing channel for social action– it delivered a social action rate (social media engagements/social media exposure) of 3.21%


  • At $21.03 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media, the Alcoholic Beverages advertising category received the greatest EMV

Download the report
for a more detailed look at the state of influencer marketing.