My Personal Process For Planning an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Organization and planning is the backbone of a good influencer marketing strategy and for some reason it is often overlooked. To solve this pain point for many marketers, I put my personal process that I use when planning an influencer marketing strategy into this workbook.

It’s easy to customize and makes a great¬†asset when presenting on influencer marketing to your team or client.

Here are the crucial steps to my process and you can download the free workbook to plan these out for yourself.

1. Identify top level influencer marketing goals

From brand awareness, to product launches to network building, influencer marketing is a key player in many marketing goals. Here are some key questions to just get you started with goal identification:

  • What is the story that you want influencers to tell their networks about your brand?
  • Audit current client base and social following to identify influencer you already have in place.
  • What are some key products or services that are launching and how can influencers help promote them?
  • Can you organize an “in-person” influencer event?

2. Think through the ongoing role influencers will play in your brand

Sure some of your approaches to influencer marketing will be considered a “campaign” such as product launches or brand announcements. But make sure that you are always thinking ahead and treating your influencer relationships as part of your brand so that you can work with them over and over again.

influencer marketing cycle

3. Identify influencer criteria

Influence is an elusive term that changes for all brands so figure out what influence means to you. Set criteria for influencers before adding them to your network so that you can ensure they are a contextual fit, have some sort of reach and are engaged with their audience.

4.Define target metrics

It’s a lot easier to define success when you know what success looks like. When you’re in the planning stages of your influencer marketing strategy, decide which metrics you are targeting. From social engagement to traffic to lead generation–going in with a plan will help you build a more successful strategy.

Are you ready to make your influencer marketing plan more powerful? Download the workbook: 

Influencer Marketing Planning Workbook

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