My New Favorite Digital Marketing Resource

So we all know that infographics are a fantastic way to build brand awareness so most of us have dabbled with this technique in our digital marketing strategy.

I’ve seen some meh, good and great infographics. But this one is by far the coolest, most thorough, memorable infographic of infographics put out recently by The Shelf.

Yes it highlights buying trends and tactics for digital marketing during the holiday season. But the facts on here are key for your entire year of marketing so keep that in mind!

Because I want to make sure you read it I’m just going to highlight a few takeaways but feel free to skip straight to this awesome piece of content.


  • Digital influence is growing even faster than sales
  • 90% of consumers believe more in consumer reviews than input from a sales person
  • 79% of consumers say brands should be less intrusive
  • Pinterest is the leading social channel for gift giving advice and ideas


Courtesy of: The Shelf

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