What it Means to Be a True SEO Hero

For me, search engine optimization has always been a particularly illusive (and frankly boring) component of the digital marketing world. So when I received an email asking if I would participate in The Wix SEO Hero Challenge, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’d also never heard of an SEO contest for charity before. Not only does this post explain what being a true SEO hero is, but could help True SEO Hero win the contest and donate $50,000 to Worldbuilders.

Working in influencer and brand advocate marketing, I’ve grown to understand and appreciate the power of genuine relationship building and word of mouth promotion. The internet can be an impersonal place, so being able to collaborate and humanize something like link building and page ranking efforts is what being a True SEO hero is to me.

So what is Worldbuilders, and why are they deserving of our SEO heroism? Worldbuilders is a non-profit organization founded by fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss. Their mission is creative and simple; to raise money for those in need by leveraging the science fiction “geek” community. Included in these efforts are:

  • Heifer International, which provides food and sustainable income to poverty-stricken areas by providing livestock and education about sustainable agriculture.
  • Mercy Corps, which provides food and other necessities to victims of natural disasters.
  • First Book, which promotes literacy by providing books to educators and schools.


Image via Worldbuilders

SEO efforts tend to be screaming matches, with brands and businesses yelling as loud as possible to cut through the noise and rank higher than everyone else. A true SEO hero recognizes this, and is able to bridge the connection between Google optimization and genuine, human collaboration.

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