Marketers Weigh in On Using GroupHigh

The client base of GroupHigh users was recently surveyed to find out two crucial things about the world of blogger outreach.

  1. Do marketers think blogger outreach is a powerful marketing tactic? 
  1. In what areas does having a blogger outreach tool lift an outreach strategy? 

Who Weighed in?

41 marketing professionals who are director or management level in their company or agency and use GroupHigh as their blogger outreach tool.

Metrics Used to Identify the Right Bloggers

One of the struggles of blogger outreach is knowing which bloggers to partner with. Contextual and numerical criteria is different for every brand. Through trial and error, marketers are able to run effective strategies once blogger vertical and key metrics are determined.

A great place to start is to build off of what metrics marketers use to vet bloggers. Here are the ones GroupHigh users find the most valuable.

metrics vettingpng

Do Marketers Stand Behind Blogger Outreach as a Strategy and How are They Implementing it?

It’s no secret more brands than not have implemented blogger outreach as a strategy. What do they think of their efforts and results so far?

One of the most surprising findings was that marketers are mostly implementing a network building strategy AND a campaign model strategy. Usually one is to score advocacy the other is to promote new products.


worth time

How Do Marketers Value a Blogger Outreach Tool?

why tool

How Does GroupHigh Improve Brands?

When you research blogger outreach tools, they are usually vetted in terms of time savings and blog finding ability. GroupHigh clients weighed in on which areas GroupHigh helps them.

areas improved

Not only does a blogger outreach tool save time and aid in finding more quality bloggers but GroupHigh gives better results WHILE SAVING TIME.


Key Takeaways

I want to hear from you! Based on this survey, what key takeaways do you gather!?

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