Making Outreach Easier - The Journey to Our 4th Major Release

For the past 12 months everyone at GroupHigh has worked tirelessly to build and support a product that makes the process of authentic and personalized outreach marketing accessible to agencies and brands.

Through this process we’ve been blessed with an amazingly active and responsive client base that has been willing to share their challenges, ideas, and time helping us grow as a company and build a better product.

Here’s a little insight into our goals for GroupHigh to-date:

Provide the best software for finding active bloggers.
While tools like Google Blog Search have existed for years finding influential and active bloggers is still a daunting task.  GroupHigh’s in-house technology now indexes more than ten million active blogs on a daily basis, storing and cataloging more than three million posts every day.  This index is the core of our blog discovery and search software and remains proprietary and unique to GroupHigh and the GroupHigh software.

Make the process of gathering and maintaining a blogger’s REAL numbers easy.
Most outreach marketing campaigns have goals tied to SEO, Social Engagement, and Conversion metrics.  This data is key to deciding which bloggers to reach out to as well as how to value the results of a campaign for your client/brand.  The problem has always been data acquisition is tough, tedious, and un-fun work.

My past start-up felt this pain when we began building relationships with cooking, recipes, and food-related bloggers back in 2009.  We built a list, attached Google Pagerank, sorted high to low and after reaching out to the first 50 bloggers promptly abandoned the campagin why?  Because it was clear we needed more than Pagerank to organize and focus our outreach.  We built GroupHigh to solve this.  GroupHigh’s ability to import lists of blogs(and soon other types of influencers) and automate the collection and maintenance of social, SEO, contact, traffic, and blog specific data points makes a thoughtful, data-driven outreach process possible.

Offer a platform that can track the outcome of a campaign.
Here’s where the latest release comes into play.  Version 4 allows clients to be alerted the moment a “friendly” writes a post mentioning your brand or campaign. It then automatically begins tracking the post’s engagement; comment counts, social shares,  seo stats, and potential impressions.  Each metric is kept up-to-date hourly without lifting a finger.  GroupHigh also connects to Google Analytics to import actual referral traffic and Goal Metrics related to your earned posts.

So What’s New In GroupHigh v4?

The biggest news is the addition of our blog monitoring and earned post tracking modules.

In speaking with clients the two largest pain-points still present in the outreach process boiled down to:

  1. Users were visiting blogs everyday waiting for mentions to occur or using tools like Google Alerts that tend to miss much of the long/mid tail blogosphere.
  2. Users were building their outreach campaign lists in GroupHigh but than exporting raw numbers and estimating how successful their campaigns would be at driving impressions and getting social engagement.

Monitoring: You might ask why we would bother with a monitoring solution when so many others exist?  If you’ve seen the quality of information provided by other monitoring products you will instantly appreciate the GroupHigh Monitor which can surface mentions from select groups of blogs or provide metric-driven mentions which reduces the noise other monitoring platforms cannot typically eliminate.  Several Examples:

  • Monitoring blogs with more than 500 Twitter followers for mentions of the “original penguin” clothing brand
  • Monitoring a list of the top 100 fashion blogs for the keyword “stroller”

Throughout the beta process our users have found the monitoring module invaluable for both saving time while looking for successful posts as well as bubbling up event-driven pitch opportunities.

Here’s a monitor we setup to help our neighbors Upslope Brewing monitor 150 craft beer blogs for insight on the Colorado brewing scene and various competitors:


Post Tracking: Drawing much of its influence from the void PostRank left when it was acquired by Google back in June 2011. While the discussion surrounding reporting and metrics on outreach campaigns is ongoing (see kdPaine’s Measurement Blog for some of the best tips on this topic)  we felt that we could help clients provide a more accurate picture of their success by making data acquisition easier and creating tie-ins to the tools they currently use to track conversions and engagement.

Here’s one of our Tracker’s after we imported 17 blog posts written about GroupHigh over the past year.





Going Forward

Everyone at GroupHigh is excited for the second half of 2013.  We’re planning another HUGE announcement later in the year but  look forward to helping you efficiently build and manage relationships with blogs and influencers.  If you haven’t already, be sure to connect with us socially and and if inclined sign-up for a demo so we can chat with you and work together to build the best outreach marketing software around.

If you haven’t seen GroupHigh in action you can:


Andy Theimer

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