Let’s Talk About Advocacy

Advocacy: The sexy term to describe the behavior of the people who love your brand.

They insert themselves in to conversations about your brand, they recommend your product or service without being paid and their mentions carry a lot of weight because they emit passion.

Advocates give your brand some of the best word of mouth marketing it can get. They are looked at as a peer with good information or advice. Your brand obviously cannot provide a recommendation in the same light. Something about being biased?

So, let’s cut to the chase. Here are 5 ways that you can increase advocacy levels for your brand so that you accrue more of the best kind of mentions.

Uncover Advocates who Don’t Know They Are Advocates

Influencers who speak in the space that your brand falls in to but haven’t heard of your brand are potential advocates. You may be just what they are looking for.

Bloggers are a good springboard because they’re easiest to search for by context. If you’re a GroupHigh user, you can then look at their entire digital footprint—which social media channels they are active on, their SEO stats, etc.

Keep in mind that reaching out to bloggers and other social media influencers is to introduce your brand to them, not to incentivize people to talk about you. Paid mentions are not sincere and thus not the work of an advocate.

Nurture Your Relationships with Customers

Send out personalized tweets, Facebook messages, emails, etc. for new followers across social media channels. A little bit of feeling special can go a long way.

Host hangouts and Twitter chats so that they can interact with you.  When you provide a personal image for your brand that people can connect to, you’ll find yourself with so many new BFF’s!

Empower Fans with Content

Give them exclusive information and previews of things to come.

Empower fans with tweetable stats and fun information.

Prepare a starticle (the start of an article. The meat. The facts and basics. They add the creative points and the voice) and ask them to write a post about you. Promise to spread across your own social media channels.

Send them a case study, post, etc. that you want to be shared and tell them you need their help. Your act of reaching out to them for a favor will make them feel special and happy to help.

Reward Advocacy to Keep it Coming

Share their content on your own channels this not only amplifies the advocacy but it makes them feel heard and special.

Send them products from your company. Even if it’s just a T-shirt. How cool would you feel if a company you loved sent you something in the mail?

Give them a Place to Be Heard

Organize your advocates. Start a forum so they can be heard. Organize events for them or do like Starbucks and give them their own webpage in which to contribute their ideas.

What are your tips for increasing advocacy? Please share in the comments below or email me at Kristen@GroupHigh.com because I am an advocate of collaboration and a good discussion. 

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Awesome post just looking to connect, and possibly looking to do some guest blogs.

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